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Benelli Supernova Tactical Disassembly


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I just took my Supernova Tactical apart for the first time. When it came to removal of the trigger assembly, I felt like I was going to rip the trigger guard off, so I stopped and looked at the mechanics of what was going on and decided I needed to remove the entire stock assembly/pistol grip. Since this fact is not listed in the manual that came with the gun, I figured I'd post it so anyone else having trouble getting their Supernova Tactical apart could do so without damaging their fine shotgun. So, if you are going to disassemble your Supernova Tactical, remove the stock. This makes field stripping your shotgun impossible unless you brought a socket set, which I find quite inconvenient and slightly less "tactical" than I would expect. But overall, it is a fine shotgun minus this small difficulty.

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I think that they wrote the manual before they came up with the SN Tactical w/ pistol grip stock and couldn't be bothered to do a re-write.


Given the number of people who flag this issue I would hope that they put an addendum into the next edition instruction manual!


With regards to the need for a 'tactical' socket set (cammo or black?) they probably thought that individual police officers or soldiers would not be doing that sort of strip down on a regular basis. If a few of us, using the same model, are away on a shoot, we usually take one socket between the team.


Actually, think of what the German Infantry used to do - you needed three soldiers to screw together their cleaning rods to make one rod of sufficient length to go through a barrel. I guess that when there were only two of you left barrel cleaning wasn't high on the priority list!!



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