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Benelli SBEII and Burris SpeedDot 135 Installation


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Thanks to the many great posts on this board, I hope to have the “ultimate” turkey gun ready for this coming spring turkey season. I purchased a SBEII (Advantage Timber), Primos .660 Jelly Head choke tube, Winchester #6 Elite shells and finally the Burris Speeddot 135 in Advantage Timber (perfect match) and matching camo base (sold separately). Can't wait to bag a gobbler!


The gun is awesome and the choke tube has no problems, the Burris scope base is another story. I'm sharing my woes to see if others have also ran into this or has a solution.


First, I contacted Burris Support directly to get correct part numbers for the scope base. Burris stated #410608 is the correct base and mounting screws. Excited when the package arrived, I quickly figured out the screws to mount the base were incorrect (yes, plugs were removed from the gun). They were too short and were flat-head style, not “Torx” as indicated on the package. The retailer I purchased from stated I had to work with Burris.


Contacting Burris Support via email, they were very quick to respond and offer solutions. After a few back-and-forth emails, they decided to send a new base and mounting screws. The new base arrived in RealTree APG and not Advantage Timber (no big deal, I still have original base). The screws in the new package are identical to the first set, too short and flat-head.


Again, I emailed Burris Support and quickly get a response. (Side note – Burris Support is extremely quick and responsive.) Burris said they would mail out more screws for the base. Once again the parts arrived and were incorrect, incorrect diameter and threads. This time though, they sent “torx” head.


Spring Turkey season starts in Missouri next Monday, I cannot afford to wait on Burris and will need a gunsmith with correct screws to mount the base. Why should it be this difficult to mount a scope base to a $1600 gun that has been pre-drilled?


Has anyone experienced similar patterns with Burris and their products? Again, Burris Support is great. It’s too bad their parts do not reflect the same quality.


Good luck to all this turkey season and most importantly, be SAFE!

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