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I posted this in a different thread and was asked to start a new on......



Hi all, I just got Nova Pump at the flea market for $190...From what I hear that was a steal. But I have a few question that I just cant seem to figure out. The gun has a 28" barrel what kind of ammo can I shoot. I bought it to deer hunt but it seems now that it may be a bird gun. I have also read that I can buy a rifeled choke and shoot a slug...is this true? According to the barrel I can shoot 2 3/4" 3" and 3 1/2" steel or led shot. But I do not know if I can shoot a slug. Also I have seen the 18 1/2" tactical barrel would I need that to deer hunt? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks







First, you should start a new thread. Your kind of stealing the thunder from the other guy. Second, You bought a tank. 28'' barrel is kind of a bird gun. Can you shoot slugs though it. YES. Can you get a rifle choke for it. YES. You can shoot any type of ammo in the nova. (caliber 12 gauge). Did if come with chokes? which ones? Improved cylinder and modifed nova chokes can shoot steel and lead. Full chokes you can't shoot steel but lead in ok.


The 18 1/2 tactical barrel will help only because it as sights on the barrel. Benelli makes rifled barrels for the Nova as well. The only problem you will have with buying a new barrel is it will cost more than the gun. The rifled barrel with be 219-249 and I don't know if you can find a tactical barrel.


I'm not one the shoot a slug though a (field barrel) which is what you have. Some people will tell you different and say that its ok. I just don't think field barrels can handle the pressure of a slug.


I would say suck it up and spend the money on a rifled barrel. You will be more accurate with this barrel. But I'm just one person. Someone else will tell you different and it won't be the wrong answer their.


congrats on your new purchase. Let us know what you do.




The next question is would it be worth it to spend the money in a new barrel or sell it and buy a different gun that came with both barrels? Also where can I purchase the barrel from, directly through Benelli? Also it came with one choke but I have no idea what it is...how would I know?

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