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  1. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5f11de74da1a182b 


    WTS Post blocked, I am a new member.


    Can you help??




  2. Looking for a Benelli rep in MN... can you help me please?


    Thank you

  3. My birthday is wrong? it is today but the year is 1957?


  4. I tried to log in using my other screen name (Mr. Mac) and the system will not allow me to log in after several attempts and password resets.

  5. Discussion closed due to arguing and name calling.
  6. Fixed! Someone disabled a setting in the control panel.
  7. This topic has gone way off topic. Please refrain from personnally attacking other forum members.
  8. We're very excited about an entirely new site that's in the works. You won't believe your eyes
  9. This error should be fixed now.
  10. The forums don't allow links (url's) that contain a question mark because it's a security risk. The TinyURL option is excellent!
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