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  1. Say what you will but the carbon fiber stock on that Super Sport looks pretty sweeeeeet
  2. Hopes: Benelli to start offering their combat shotties (Nova, M1, M3) with optics rails on them. Pistol grip stocked Nova. SureFire releasing a Nova taclight (yeah right) A forend accessory rail like HK/Fabarm's shotguns for mounting lights. Predictions: More hunting shotguns (or variations thereof) More R1 stuff An M1 or M3 H2O?
  3. >> Are you guys in law enforcement?? or enthusiasts?? I'm a computer technician >> Beautiful.... I love that new Surefire forend. How does it feel while your shooting it? (as far as the grip and ease of using the switch?) Very easy to use. Only thing is you have to keep your support hand thumb down if you are a rightie so the constant on/off rocker won't slam into your paw when shooting. >> Anyway, great pic. I like the Oakley gloves too. I've had a pair of those for a couple years now and that's the first I've seen someone else have any. I ca
  4. When I saw this forum I was under the impression that Benelli folks would be answering questions....oh well I don't want to buy parts and mess with the gun, I rather just buy it off the shelf, throw a sling and a scope on it and call it a day. I'm a pretty bad tinkerer.
  5. Any reason why the Nova w/ the rail shown on the Euro site is not imported to the US? A rail on the forearm would be nice as well, to open up some taclight mounting options.
  6. Too bad, I was hoping it would be the same thing (minus stock dingus) on the civilian version. I don't need choke tubes.
  7. Will there ever be an R1 in .223 or should I just stop dreaming?
  8. Where in Southern California are you? Try Rettings in Culver City off the 405 and the Warshington exit. I saw some barrels when I was ArmUSA in Anaheim or Tuan's in Rowland Heights **MIGHT** have them.
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