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  1. My reducer really helps. I shoot skeet and those 2 3/4" shells feel like a little nudge. I too had problems with the hose-if I remember correctly it must be cut to fit exact. I messed the first attempt up but the second hose fit tight. I kept the messed up hose so I could take it to an auto parts store and get more. I do not know when or if the hose needs replacing- I guess when it falls apart I’ll replace it.
  2. I never really weighed my NOVA but i did get the recoil reducer. One day my brother and i shot about 10 rounds each of 3"-3 1/2" buckshot and slugs we were both bruised and shot shy. After installing the recoil reducer we could shoot 3"-3 1/2" all day! I would say it reduced felt recoil 2/3 a great investment!
  3. I'm a lefty too-no problems just more burnt powder on my face
  4. When I first got my NOVA December 1999- the Benelli catalog showed a 2 shell and a 4 shell extension tube. The next year Benelli showed only a 2 tube extension. Are there any 4 tube extensions left out there?
  5. NOVACarl

    recoil pad

    Try these guys: http://www.kickeez.net/ [ August 21, 2003, 01:52 PM: Message edited by: NOVACarl ]
  6. Thanks! I have tried Remington rifled and got an elipitical hole in the target but i will try the others. What about a rifled choke? [ August 04, 2003, 10:40 AM: Message edited by: NOVACarl ]
  7. I want to test some slugs for my NOVA which is a smooth bore. I want to use them this fall for Whitetail. Any suggestions?
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