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  1. James E.

    New Montefeltro

    Will Benelli offer a Monte with a crio barrel in the near future? I have a Super 90 but prefer a flat rib. Any knowledge (or rumors) about this will be appreciated.
  2. I have the catalog but must have missed the mag change. I was thinking more about Crio barrels and extended chokes...
  3. They probably have different springs to compensate for the change in the pressure curve.
  4. Has anyone heard if Benelli is going to upgrade the Monte for 2005 or 2006? It seems that it is the only model that hasn't been changed lately. James
  5. Did you find the problem with your Montefeltro 20ga.? I have several (4k-5k) rnds thru mine with no trouble yet.
  6. Jarhead, thanks for the info. Y'all got any birds out there?
  7. I've beenadvised to lube the bolt rails with a synthetic lubricant. Any reccommendations of specific brands? What about a silicone spray lube?
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