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  1. Never mind. I just figured it out. The choke tube was a Primos Jelly Head .660. However, I can't find one on line. Any Ideas?
  2. I bought a Primos Jellyhead for my SBEII about 4 maybe 5 years ago. Was hunting last weekend and shot at a turkey and never touched him. I looked down and my choke tube was gone. It was on when I left for the woods. The threads look fine, I cannot figure out what happened. Anyway, I have been using winchester extended range 3.5 #6. I bought the jellyhead at the recommendatons of several on this forum. It worked great and several of you said that you were using the same set-up. I do not remember which constriction the choke was. Can anyone recommend the correct constriction so that I can order a new one?
  3. What shot load are you using??
  4. I bought a S.B.E. II last spring. It shoots a little high and to the left. After looking it over very closely, I noticed that the front bead is a little off-center to the right. I am assuming that this is why I am shooting left. I will try it again and then contact Benelli.
  5. I shot the S.B.E.II with win. ext. range #6. At 40 yards over 35 hits in head and neck. I only shot a few times because I did not have many 3.5 " left. Shot a turkey yesterday...the first with my S.B.E. II. It took over a year to decide on the S.B.E. II. So far I am totally pleased with the gun. Wish I had done it a long time ago. Vey light..easy to carry...easy to clean...recoil is no issue at all. I had heard that it would have an awful kick. Much less recoil than any other 3.5" I have ever shot. I like the jell pad. I am glad I did not buy the gas gun I was considering.
  6. Well, I finally shot my S.B.E. II today. Here is my response. Yes it kicks with 3.5 loads but I really believe that the comfort tech system does work. I was very happy with the felt recoil. Many of you will recall my skepticism in my posts a year or so ago. I must say that I was very relieved...the felt recoil was not bad at all. The jell pad seems to give more of a push like others have described. I did not shoot too many times as I was shooting 3.5 winchester extended range # 6s. I need the rest for hunting. Very good pattern with my jellyhead .660. Thanks for the advice mudhen. All in all I am very, very pleased. Just thought I would post this for anyone who is still on the fence like I was.
  7. Thanks everyone. I ordered a Jellyhead .660 from Primos today. After spending nearly 2 years deciding in the S.B.E.II I hope to use it before the spring season is over.
  8. Mudhen, or anyone else, I just bought a S.B.E.II. I need to hurry about getting a turkey choke since there are only 3 weeks left. Where might I purchase the Jellyhead or Rhino chokes, or anything else that will work in the S.B.E. II? Thanks for the help.
  9. Thanks Remy. Where can I purchase a choke tube that will fit?
  10. O.K. I finally did it. An S.B.E. II w/ 26 " barrel. Turkey season is half over here and I need help with chokes. I read Mudhen's post and saw the pictures with 51 hits in the center circle. I couldn't find a jellyhead choke anywhere today. Found a Briley that says it fits all Berettas and Benellis. I thought that the crio barrels took a special choke. Is there anything I need to know before getting a choke for this gun? Please advise. [ 05-13-2006, 09:30 PM: Message edited by: turkey ]
  11. Just curious...I too have found very good patterns with the winchester extended range # 6 at 40 plus yards. Is there a good test to see just how far out the shot still has enough energy for sufficient penetration? Don't get me wrong, I think every turkey I've taken has been inside of 35 yards. [ 04-23-2006, 10:15 AM: Message edited by: turkey ]
  12. I shouldn't have told him about the under pants post.
  13. I used Win. Extended Range #6 in 3" last season. Very good pattern with my briley choke ( 30+ head & neck hits at 40 yards. Took my share of Toms without a miss and one coyote at 25 yards.
  14. Danlecl, This is nothing. Awhile back the topic was what type of underpants everyone was wearing while hunting. [ 02-20-2006, 07:05 PM: Message edited by: turkey ]
  15. I see that they've taken the "O5" off of the home page. Is that the extent of the upgrades?
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