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  1. Maybe giving CS a call and using your warranty while you still have one would be where i started at !
  2. My Gunshop owner was instructed by Benelli Rep to tell all customers to shoot 3 boxes of the heaviest loads you ever planned to shot from the shotgun during it's lifetime with you to insure spring memorization so it will allow you to shoot the lighter 1 1/8 oz loads and I did, and now I can shoot 7/8 ounce loads if I want but normally never do but have! With no issues as my shotgun is a 2003 SBEII one of the first SBEII's shipped as I ordered it last quarter of 2003 and it carries a 2003 marking! Shooting this shotgun with 3 1/2 inch Waterfowl rounds is almost as much fun as shooting my Weatherby Accumark in 338-378 with a 250 gr Nosler Partition, both will put a big grin on your face! I also use light synthetic oil and dry lube in different areas as it get's really cold here in the high desert!
  3. I found this and it's dated 2002 so their must have been an issue back then according to this article i have linked? Feel now that since they have fenced the Monument that they have controlled their entry as they WSMR is like 300 Square miles and they have a huge area to roam and eat tumbleweeds? Quote: Because the African oryx is not native to this country, the National Park Service is concerned about how this animal affects the native plants and animals of White Sands National Monument. The National Park Service has fenced the park boundary to prevent the oryx from entering the monument. During the fencing process a number of oryx that were within the monument became contained within the boundary fence. The National Park Service is in the process of removing oryx from within the monument boundaries.
  4. Wikipedia to me has lost a lot of credibility with the Owners issues, and his actions? They could be causing issues and no one ever know it because the State receives huge revenue from these hunts not to mention the City's of Tularosa, Socorro and Alamogordo! Never been to the National Monument so i have not heard anything about them being an issue but as mentioned they bring in a huge mount of revenue for a lotta small communities out in the middle of no where NM! These animals have thrived as they are a very elusive animal with very keen sight and smell and it used to be an easy hunt when the herd count was up around 8 to 9 K but their numbers have been going down so they have been managing them and continue to have more hunts! So cutting down the barrel you know cut your velocity from 30 to 60 fps per inch you cut off! I strongly suggest doing an out of state hunt as it is only 1600.00 dollars plus 150,00 entry into WSMR but they have a whole lot of restrictions because it is an active test facility and hunts have been cancelled due to Missile launches with numerous well marked restricted areas and people have made mistakes by going into these but it is normally Military guys and they have had fatalities from those guys going into posted areas and getting blown up dead! On range hunts are the cheapest way to go as Ranchers charge for entry to their property plus most want you to have an outfitter or use them as your outfitter! It cost me like 160.00 bucks for the tag and the normal 150.00 WSMR Fee plus a fair amount of paperwork but reasonable for entry for the hunt! They basically do background checks on your hunt party which can total 3 and yourself! Only approved Outfitters are allowed on WSMR but they have a list and they also have Skinners and Taxidermist at the gates to process your harvest which makes things very easy for travelers! Their prices are pretty competitive and reasonable! Great hunt and hunt ran very well and Game Warden's are on Range and they only issued 1 ticket out of 84 hunters! Not sure what they did wrong but they deserved the ticket if they got caught doing something illegal and i would bet it was hunting from the back of a truck bed! My 338-378 does about 3180 with a 225 Gr TSX factory round which looks like a MAC truck from a spotting scope going down range!
  5. If they have caused any problems at the Monument I have not heard anything about it? My Weatherby has a 26 inch barrel with a 2 inch accubrake on the end of it and is made by Criterion so it's basically a stock Accumark with a Leupold Mark 4 6.5-20x50 ER/T Front Focal with MIL-Dot reticle! The heard that originally started at the Albuquerque Zoo has moved to off range Ranches and is surviving/thriving and is supposed to be around 4000+ animals. have not heard much about them being invasive as that area they live is known for being the perfect area in which they were originally born as the Tularoso Basin is a tough part of NM. that is the reason the have done so well in the surrounding area to WSMR. I suppose they could be invasive since they plan on bringing down the herd count to 1000? http://www.wildlife.state.nm.us/education/wildlife_notes/documents/NoteOryxSm.pdf
  6. So was getting the safety off safe your issue or was it a CS issue?
  7. I would find some better lubricant than CLP as how can it do all 3 functions and do any one of them good enough? Use some synthetic lubricant and did you do any kind of break in when you first got the shotgun? What specific shot shells does it stove pipe with? Is it one or two specific manufacturers? Whose shells are stove piping? Several manufacturers have been know to make defective brass that SBEII's do not cycle properly? It's in an old post from mudhen but he figured out the issue a long time back and i would do a search for his post and see if any of the shot shells in his post are the ones you are using! CLP the only thing you are using to keep the SBEII up and running?
  8. I appreciate all the comments and had a great hunt but i did not harvest and i should have but not meant to be? Saw a bunch of really smart Oryx that were very good at staying near 800 yards out and they must have a great pair of eyes and the heard on WSMR Rhodes Canyon are some really elusive critters. The fact my range finder broke on day #1 did not help my chances very much but no exuse for not tagging out! If you get to do this hunt go for it as over the years it ha gotten to be a tuff hunt. But worth every penny even for an out of state hunter!
  9. Time has come bags are packed and White Sands, NM here i come, Friday morning the Taxidermist has a short briefing and at 10:00 the Hunt Coordinators will have a 1 hour briefing and then they will search everyones vehicles and turn us lose mid morning as long as they have no Military Missions keeping us from being in the area of Rhodes Canyon! Saturday and Sunday will also be the other days of this hunt and it's got a 72 or 73 % harvest rate but my 338-378 has come around to shooting under a 1/2 inch at 100 yards and it is a hoot to pull that 2.5 Lb Timney trigger with a 225 gr TSX doing 3180fps! Should be a blast as it has turned off wet and cool here in NM finally! Pictures if i harvest will be posted hope everyone else has a great hunt camp as i know mine is going to be sweet! Just wish i was in the Gila in unit 16A doing Bull Elk! I am happy with the hunt i got for sure!
  10. I have a habit of tightening my tube before I shoot and loosening it after shooting, never had a stuck tube but I use Hoppe's Choke Tube spray or Hoppe's Gun Grease! I do not like leaving tubes inside warm barrel of any kind! All I do is brake the torque and leave them in the barrel. This habit keeps from getting tubes bent and the method keeps you from leaving a tube loose or tight.
  11. Thank steve? he has been around a long time and i can't remember who sent me to his page or if i just dug him up? He has a group of good manuals and i thank him every time i suggest him!

    M4 Maintenance

    http://www.farrarsodfarm.com/nelli/USMC_M1014.pdf Leave the tampons,WD40 & Remoil for those that clean their Remington's Try some Hoppe's solvent for the bore and some plain old bore mops and then a little Hoppe's Gun Grease in a couple areas and the some Hoppe's Gun oil in a lotta areas or some MILITEC-1 in some areas! Would keep the amount of lube down as low as possible as the more of anything you use the more it will collect junk! I am not much of a CLP person as my idea of doing all 3 at the same time is mind boggling! Also never think a new gun has been cleaned and lubed always do a clean and lube on anything new or you will probably have issues as most manufacturers do not clean and lube after machining a firearm? I know it sounds stupid and it is stupid but i have found several new firearms full of cutting fluid and all they would do is jam up! Once lubed they worked flawlessly! get plenty of lint free rags and be careful of mixing different chemicals as when they get down into cracks and areas that can't be cleaned well they can cause serious corrosion issues and pitting issues! Compressed air works great just keep the junk out of your eyes!
  13. Good luck on getting a manual maybe you can do something with the online manual? Not sure if you can print them or not but you would probably need a printer that printed 2 sides! Only 96 pages! http://stevespages.com/pdf/benelli_sport.pdf
  14. Very important to clean and lube shotgun prior to brake in, i was told to shoot 3 boxes of the most powerful ammo i ever planned on shooting thru my SBEII and it will cycle anything your feed it now as long as it's not the cheap made crap that has poor quality brass on the bottoms! Manual is a great read and explains what ammo to use as a minimum! What did you buy the gun to hunt for? Clays do not require hunting loads and you bought a hunting shotgun so throw some duck, geese or buck shot thru it! Do at least 30 rounds!
  15. Manual is a nice thing to hold onto! http://stevespages.com/pdf/benelli_sbe.pdf Stock portion starts on page 70? Your's wood or Synthetic?
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