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  1. My M4 and SuperSport would enjoy seeing a new Benelli hat on my head as opposed to the faded Tactical one they usually have to deal with. Thanks for the opportunity.
  2. No pockets on the inside, just the two on the outside that pretty much run the length of the case.
  3. That looks really cool. I might have to think about doing that to mine. Who did the work and what did it cost if you don't mind giving the info?
  4. I picked up the Benelli soft tactical case for my M4. A little pricey, but a nice case. No complaints.
  5. I have a SuperSport and have had no issues shooting Estate 12ga 1oz (and no sore shoulder either).
  6. wwwprof

    Best Cleaner

    I use M-Pro 7 on all my guns.
  7. wwwprof

    M4 Maintenance

    I am pretty much a pistol guy and comfortable with field stripping and cleaning those. I just picked up my first shotgun, a Benelli M4, and would appreciate advice on what I need to get for cleaning and maintenance. The manual seems rather vague to me. I checked youtube and ran across a video for taking down an M1. Is it pretty similar for the M4? I also saw there is a dvd called Mastering the Combat Shotgun which is supposed to go through dissassembly of the M4 and wondered if anyone was familiar with it and if it would be worth purchasing. Also, I shot 6 birdshot cartridges to test
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