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  1. I don't really think that I can totally answer your question, but I though it was funny that the spec page doesn't list any 28" barrels, but it says this on their "turkey" page: "Turkey-hunting lefties can choose either the Super Black Eagle or the M1 Field, in a full range of barrel lengths." The definition of "full range of barrel lenghts" to me would include a 28" (or a 26" for that matter). hmmm....?
  2. Paul

    M1 recoil reducer

    I am sure your right. I have to imagine that the camo stock is a synthetic (plastic) stock with the camo overlay. The mercury recoil reducer will not work on the pistol grip stocks or the sythetic stocks with the sling mount in the sides of the stock (which is the only reason why it doesn't work on the pistol grip stock) Anyway, I modified my pistol grip stock to be able to accept the recoil reducer. Works great.
  3. Ya know I'm not really sure. I have the original cap (so it would be identical to a regular M1), but I don't have a standard M1 magazine spring with me. I am sure that the receiver holds the same as a regualr M1, so if I do the math, that would mean that the practical magazine extension tube is a 6 round extension. 3 rounds (standard M1 mag) 6 rounds (practical mag extension)? 1 round (chamber) equals 10 rounds total Assuming that Benelli's site list's the standard M1 as 3+1 doesn't include a plug or anything. This is obviously using 2 3/4" shells too.
  4. Not sure about the first question, but the magazine is 2 pieces. The first piece is part of the receiver, then the second piece screws onto the first like the 2 or 4 round M1 extentions, but just longer I believe. You can fit 9 rounds in the magazine and 1 in the chamber for a nice total of 10. 10 full power slugs= ouch....
  5. Beautiful.... I love that new Surefire forend. How does it feel while your shooting it? (as far as the grip and ease of using the switch?) Anyway, great pic. I like the Oakley gloves too. I've had a pair of those for a couple years now and that's the first I've seen someone else have any. Cheers, Paul
  6. Paul

    SRM Cycling Kit

    looks like it is a new stainless steel tube and spirng for the cycling action (yah, as if that wasn't confusing) I found them here. Click "products" then click "Stainless Steel Sure Cycle System" http://www.surecycle.com I'm curious about them too. I am not too worried about mine getting rusty, but wondering if it would let my M1 cycle lighter shells?
  7. Ok. Here are some more. Got some with my Bushnel red dot scope on it. Did I mention I love this gun?!? Notice the ported barell as well as the compensator: Here is another one of my projects. I made the scope mount myself. Can't say I've seen one for a USP Compact. Now I just need a C-More or ATNc red dot sight for it.
  8. Well, I tore my M1 Practical apart and gave it a good cleaning (after reading about how important it is to keep the recoil spring stuff clean). So I thought I'd snap a few pics while I was at it. I have some more close-ups if anyone is interested. Just let me know. Cheers!
  9. Here is a couple more pics, enjoy!
  10. Hey guys. I have a M1 Practical. (and love it) When I bought it, it was missing the huge magazine and the speedloader. So I called Benelli and they sent me the speedloaders, the extended mag, and also annother muzzle brake. So I have an extra. You can buy the same one at Brownells. I bought a Modified choke from them that works perfectly with the Original Benelli compernsator. I just have to remember to switch back to the cyl. choke when shooting slugs. Here are a couple pics for ya: Benelli Brake Pic 1 Benelli Brake Pic 2
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