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  1. BigBob

    SBE Problem

    remington 1 1/8 steel, no. 4's No problems with my M1. Makes me glad I went that route. What brand of shells works best for you?
  2. BigBob

    SBE Problem

    Does anybody else have problems with the SBE cycling 2 3/4" shells?? My buddy and I were hunting teal this morning & doves in the afternoon. I use an M1, He needed some shells for dove and all I had was 2 3/4" #6 & some #8. His SBE would not cycle any of them. Any suggestions??
  3. BigBob

    which Benelli?

    M1 all the way!! I love my M1 with a 26" barrel, but I would recommend it in the 28" barrel for a wide range of shooting that you are talking about.
  4. BigBob

    M1 question..

    Thanks for the info about the ammo too, I was considering Kent but wasn't familair with it.
  5. Does anybody have any suggestions for a waterfowl choke replacement? Not too happy with current chokes, was considering a patternmaster, any ideas, thanks. Oh by the way, I mainly hunt geese(snows & blues) but also duck and canadas(just can't shoot as many of them) [ August 02, 2003, 12:19 PM: Message edited by: BigBob ]
  6. I have had a couple of guys I know have a problem with that as well, but I also know a couple of other guys that have had no problems. I hope this problem gets taken care of, I was considering buying a Nova as a spare or backup gun. I own a M1 in HD Camo with the 26" barrel & extension tube, I will never own a shotgun without at least that length. It makes it so much easier to follow thru on shots as well as being more duck blind friendly to the others in there with me.
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