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  1. Sounds like a good excuse to upgrade to a Meprolight........LOL
  2. TreeMan

    benelli pics

    Tacman, I have the 552. It takes AA batteries. I have had this site for 6-8 months & I'm still on the first batteries. No, it is a dedicated to my AR. I use a BC-CAM to co-witness the site. I'm trying to get geared up for 3-gun. I have not shot it yet though. There is a 3-gun match this weekend. This will be my first. I have been shooting IDPA for about 2 years now. I have shot the shotgun side match a time or two. I don't think you can go wrong with either Aimpoint or Eotech.
  3. TreeMan

    benelli pics

    You are just trying to make us jealous M1014 Nice Pics! Tacman, I have an Eotech on my AR & love it. I have several friends wanting one after seeing mine.
  4. Thanks for the help everyone. BTW M1014, What did you do?
  5. Where did you find a 5.5mm? I bought a 6mm wrench a few days ago guessing it would be close to the right size. 6mm is the smallest CarQuest carries.
  6. I have a M1 Tactical with ghost ring sites. Can anybody tell me what size the nut is that holds the front site pin? Thanks
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