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  1. I'll try to get it right this time. I have the SBEII and just picked up two .660 Rhino chokes and some Nitro loads (same company handles both). Tested them a couple weeks ago and had 330 hits in 10" circle. Also tried Win HV #5 3.5" and had 91 hits in the circle. Your pattern sounds good too, don't know if you'd need to improve much on that. The Rhino Choke $80 and Nitro shells [email protected] are spendy but they perform. If your set on trying something new I suggest you contact Nitro. OR, if you are interested I have a second choke just like the one I am using that is new in the package I woul
  2. Thanks for the info. I did use the Benelli spring, will see what the company does now that it is in their hands. If they do nothing I'll put the spring you suggest in and try that. I haven't tried any of the Tru Glow type sights yet. looked at a few but either didn't like the way they mounted or they weren't adjustable to help me correct the aim point. Thanks again, mobsbe
  3. I just sent my SBE (new in 1997) to the company for trouble shooting a couple problems I've had. 1. It has "occasionally" failed to eject a spent hull over the past 3 years. Very difficult to determine what is the cause as nothing appears worn/broken and the loads are heavy/light/different lengths?? I did replace the recoil spring last year, was sure that would fix the problem but it happened again 3x last weekend. Now I'm frustrated and the gun is getting fixed or getting gone. 2. Second issue is the point of aim appears to be low and left when I sight it in for turkey hunting. I'm
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