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  1. the 870 is a **** of a lot cheaper
  2. When they are that close and you know how far away they are or have some idea it is better to setup. Remember in early season there aren't many leaves on the trees and the turkey's are closer than you think. Wait a couple days and then try again. Also once a turkey is spooked he most likely wont gobble the rest fo the day. They always say bet on the turkey. Goodluck to you and I hope to encounter some action like yours on saturday as it is our opener. [ 04-05-2005, 06:02 PM: Message edited by: schwabta ]
  3. definately a good idea to try calling them uphill. Sounds like this piece of property is a tough little spot to hunt and can go either way. I would try setting up a decoy in the field and using a tree yelp before fly down. This way they no were you are and the decoys are in place to let them see something. Just a few suggestions. Remember they say bet on the turkey. Goodluck.
  4. lets try this again I will have to agree the comfort tech system was definately not what I thought it was. I had no problems with the action, however I would like to know if anyone has heard anything on when a mercury recoil reducer mgiht be available or if one is going to be available in the future. Overall I am very happy with my purchase and feel that benelli has done a fine job with this product. To the guy from California if you cant read the directions that come with the gun regarding assembly probably shouldnt be buying one in the first place.
  5. A very easy nice soft sounding slate call for the money is the little deuce by hs strut. A lot of those higher frequency crystal and aluminum calls are great locaters. I will have to agree with tucker though the diaphram is by far the best call for close situations. If you can't figure it out, practice practice, practice.
  6. I am currently using winchester 3.5 number 5's at twenty dollars for a box of ten using a carlsons nonported trky choke. This is putting roughly thirty pellets in the head at forty yards with 5-6 in the kill zone. Any other chokes or shot out there that anyone has heard of to get better reults.
  7. I picked one up about two weeks ago. I think its called wooten sporting goods. My dad and I each picked up one for 1250 apiece.
  8. very true i guess it just seems alot worse when you are trying to pattern it. I actually noticed that it kicked a lot harder than what I had before, but my dad is the one who is more upset considering he shot a 3.5 out of it and it split his lip, he is also about 6 fott 205. Just some food for thought.
  9. I have a remington 11-87 and I feel that shooting 3 inch mags out of that kicks butis nothing like the recoil of the super black eagle 2. I plan on using it for turkey hunting so recoil isn't really an issue but i also would like to use it for goose hunting and I don't want to get pounded all day if you know what i mean.
  10. im almost 20, thanks for the advice any idea when one of those mercury recoil reducers will be available.
  11. My dad and I recently purchased the super black eagle two. Upon shooting it we noticed it kicks like ****. We know a guy who has the mercury recoil system in his Super black eagle. Is this compatible with the super black eagle two or has benelli not developed one for this one yet?
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