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  1. i have a nova and it will be an ideal gun for pheasant that is what mine is for and quail and turkey and chukkar whatever getas inthe way during that season. i have been thinking about getting the reducer what kind of price is it thanks rob k
  2. i would suggest the improved cylinder or maybe the modified if you wish but if your wanting to improve your choke tube count you can buy the skeet tube and just add it to the count. i have shot quail and dove with im or ic and had good results rob k
  3. to me the nova is the best pump out there and won't shoot another one. i went for the bennelli over the remington 870 express which is a good gun in it;s right but the bennelli is tops in my minds eye rob k and i shot some 3.5" and the nova held it just fine and didn't throw me like a couple of other pumps i shot. also they have a unit you can add to the nova to help you with recoil and will also help if you have a longer lop as well
  4. i went withthe primos tight wad in the .655 andit is one pattern filling piece of work with the winchester hv magnumx #6 shot. if there is still a problem then i would, you might want to try a different choke and see if itr works for you. wish i could help you in contacting the guy but no chance i don't really know him but i hope you get your issues settled very soon rob k
  5. hope this works it;s my first time rob k [ 03-15-2005, 04:12 PM: Message edited by: robk ]
  6. sometimes you get a gun that only shoots a certain type of shell and that is it. i had it happen on two guns one beign the verona i just traded off for my bennelli nova. the cycling of the round may have to do witht he type of casing as well and i had watched each shell and tried different ones until i could get it cycle correctly. with a semi automatic you may find that possioble more and more. so far ith most of the people i know who shoot bennelli i have heard of one other but i think maybe the gun might need to go back to bennelli and have them check it out as it coould be soemthign minor
  7. went out today to shoot my nova for the first time and to get it set up to shoot for turkey season. now i have had good shotguns in my time but this was amazing.loaded my first round and at 30 yards had the target of the turkey head t chest and let the first round go and took the head off the turkey target and filled up the chest part with lead. one shot and one kill. then i moved back to 35 or 36 yards and shot the 2nd shot and i missed the target completely so i was miffed as i know it;s me that causes the problem and i dropped the barrel as i was shooting and completely missed so my dad wal
  8. robk

    new gun

    get a bore snake anduse it and run it thru before you shoot it gets any little junk that was in the barrel before you shoot it out. i als recommend the snake as it is a great way to shine the barrel as you go thru and is worth every penny and will alway keep you clean and for in the field and break in time i use it for that and will have it this weekend as i just got mine a few days ago and am pumped about my nova for sure lol. my father says i am anal abotu my weapons and i do worry about performance and a clena bore is a happy bore in my books and for break in shoot one and clean andf then
  9. robk


    i am using a primos turkey choke it;s called the tight wad and it is a .655chamering which will make for a real tight pattern. i am going to shoot either a 2 3/4 or a 3 inch round in either a 4 5 or 6. i actually prefer the number 6 shot and i use what i think is the best in winchester supreme. we have also a number 6 remington high velocity round but i think the one i am going to use is the nubmer 6 winchester and will know for sure whether it is 2 3/4 or 3 inch when we pattern this weekend. witht he nova i know i amc apable to shoot 3.5's but with a good gun my nova and some goos ammo the wi
  10. i got a response saying they had an add on sims for the nova a slip on style but i am not interested in that. i want a direct to the butt of the stock rob k
  11. robk

    Gun Stickers

    where did you get he window stickers on the site? i have been wanting one but not sure where to get them. thanks rob k
  12. hey commando i have heard that about people buying new beenelli's and selling their other guns. i and my dad are getting ready to go shooting and get ready for turkey season and i am going to get the primos extended turkey choke. it is a good choke i have heard for turkey and shoots a good tight pattern. it won't cost you an arm and leg either i can't decide whether i am going to shoot a 2 3/4 or a 3 inch mag in #6 shot. with my other shotguns for turkey i shoot #6 high velocity and they work excellent so i will try them first and see how the bennelli works out for me and then go from there
  13. i bought the gun and i am going to have to head for the shooting range and shoot up a few boxes of shells at trap and skeet and see how it goes. i do like the feel but he slide is a bit loose but i haven't found a slide that wasn't a bit loose and noisy but if your trying to take down birds or trap or skeet it doesn't matter if it does it's job lol i know i am going to enjoy the gun already lol rob k
  14. robk

    Gun Cleaners

    yup that is what i have and it works great rob k
  15. thanks i will do that and send them in the copy of receipt and the yellow card thanks rob k
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