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  1. Make sure you buy all the choke tubes, try to get a good deal, once you have paid for the gun, ask the dealer if he/she can throw in a free box of shells, works allmost all the time. If they have an range, take advantage, make it clear that you want to buy, have them give you a gun to try, go through about half a box of shells and say you would like to try another. Why? Have a great day shooting guns for free and you will also have a better feel for what you want.
  2. Now I am using a full choke with remmington express long-range high-brass loads. I change to the type of year I am hunting in and what I am hunting for.
  3. I think I hit one with a car, I kept going, by the look of the amount of feathers in the air, I figured It would be best left to the cyotes.
  4. o.t.t. I was in Dicks sportings not to long ago and was looking at their steel shot and the 2 1/4 had the fps of 1440 and the 3 had the fps of 1320, faster than the lead I am using.
  5. I got over 200 rounds of 20 g ammo pack of 90 clays and a stoeger full choke Did not get anything for fly fishing, sad sad.
  6. Spend as much as you can, buy the very best.
  7. I hate when I ask for deer urine or sent at the store and the "old-guy" says "you dont need deer pee, or deer sent to shoot a deer" Needless to say, I end up coming back a different day and buy it when hes not working. It can help, espesally when there are very fue deer in your area.
  8. I feel the pain. I am 16 and like you have now sorce of cash to support my sports I choose to participate in. In this small town lie some of the worst fly casters, tying some of the best flys, I sell them for a dollar a fly (a very good deal) and that seems to help. Beware~sales slow down and hit dirt in the winter months. Walmart has a sale every year, if you hit the sale, buy all the shells you can (your parents will need to be there). Reloading is another option, once you buy all the gear, you actually will save over half of what you would pay in a store. For the skeets, make a mold from a light oil rubber. Thats the easy part, now you need to come up with a clay good mixture. The one I use is a bit of squlpting clay mixed with roof pitch. BE CAREFULL dont get it onto your hands. Paint them any color you want. I wish you luck and enjoy the sport safly but not squarly. Bryce Brodeur
  9. I use a Remmington Sure Shot, Heavy Dove 2-3/4 low brass load. I have had good luck with this shell even though it only has a speed of 1265 fps I must say it works quite well.
  10. Oshkosh Wis., I have a friend that was raised there. He talks about how it was awsome hunting for deer, partridge, phesents, and huge squirrels. Hows the hunting now?
  11. What is the best call you can buy on the market?
  12. Allso use shutterfly.com to upload your photos.
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