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  1. blue davis is right, ported chokes and barrels reduce a little recoil but their main purpose is tor educe barrel jump(dont know right word!) something that is important to clay shooters. Also i have heard that ported chokes and barrels create much unwanted noise, and in many cases significant drops in shot velocity
  2. i dont like the heavy kick on my m1 so sometime soon im gona get a nice thick hiviz xcoil pad installed on mine! i dont think you can get a comfortech tho but look in to different recoil pads
  3. M1Super90

    heavy shot

    ps for pheasants by the way
  4. M1Super90

    heavy shot

    hey im gona use hevi shot out in SD this year with my 20 gauge m1. should i use the 4 shot or 6 shot and with what choke? also bird dog, where can u buy pheasants forever loads online?
  5. whats the difference between sporting and field guns. Lets say i bought a franchi 612 sporting could i still use it for hunting?
  6. hey i was wondering what 20 gauge upland loads you all use? please say all the specs of the shell(dram,oz of shot, shot size, etc.) also tell what choke you prefer. For me, lead shot is legal in Mn but all of the lead loads i come across have poor velocities. any advice? i mainly hunt grouse and pheasant
  7. M1Super90

    super 90

    i have an m1super 90 and i use it for waterfowl and upland, it works fabulously
  8. I have a M1S90 and last year in SD i shot about 50 fiocchi 3" shells throughout the weekend without an incident
  9. i had the same problem wiht my m1 i just used some pliers with some cloth underneath and that did the trick
  10. I have a M1S90 its a great gun. Only con is that the recoil can get nasty on the target range after a couple boxes
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