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  1. jedd

    Benelli 1983 pics

    neat info M1014. Do you have one of those things too besides your slight bunker stash?
  2. BUY IT !! The gun has proven itself to me at least. I've got a 300 mag topped with a Bushnell 4200 elite 2.5-16x40 and shoot Federals 150 and 180 grn trophy bonded bearclaws and she puts the hurt on the animal and not me. 3-shots and 3-animals. I also own an older BAR and the differences to me are clear as day. The main thing being it's around 2 lbs lighter and recoil management is outstanding. When I seasoned the barrel I was getting 3-4", 5 round groups at 200yrds at prone. I've yet to put it on a bench and dial it in but, I expect I'll be able to tighten it up to 2-3" w/o a question with those rounds. No problems yet, it cycles great. cleaning is a snap and it looks pretty good too but, that is the last thing I was thinking about. The 06 you're looking at should be a great gun also! Expect typical Benelli quality!! In its class it's second to none!
  3. jedd

    turkey chokes

    have you guys tried your factory full chokes and found that they're not good enough? I use mine and it's been great!
  4. wow - has he taken pictures and written the company? he should he might get a little right-up about it and help his guiding bizz.
  5. The 391 is a good gun. I don't have one but have shot one quite a bit. A friend of mine as his wife both have the 12gauge models. When I was considering a new gun they let me borrow one for numerous rounds of 5 stand and I realy liked it. my friends wife is around 5-3"/ 4" and petite and she handles it very well. Take a look at 'em. I haven't decided on what I'm buying yet but the 391 is leading the race.
  6. jedd

    Nova, cost me money

    OUCH! was that your first time buying a gun?
  7. good points guys. got my head thinking about doing some coyote and fox hunting maybe some coon hunting but that's a bit tough w/o dogs. another thing you might look into lawaterfowler is your fish and game department there. I know of some folks that had some ponds put in and some wetlands dug out and improved by the fish and game dept and army corp. of engineers for basically nothing. I think they had to allow the public access for a few years but nobody but them has ever hunted it. they installed box nests and a few trees and bushes too. this is something you might want to look into.
  8. jedd

    benelli sbe

    TN.TAZ , thanks for posting that about those adhesive sights from tru-glow. I was sceptical of those things working very well. Had it in my head that oil residue and the occasional bump would make it tough for those things to stay put. good info.. thnx
  9. That cynergy recoil pad is an obvious one but, I like it. Cool looking gun. the long and short track are a heck of a lot like the R-1 tappered fore stock, shorter reciever, and the gun flows into the muzzle just like the R-1 I have an R-1 and those new Browning rifles look a lot like it. At least when you compare to what the BAR used to be.
  10. yea . you're right but I've already got a couple walls full of good looking critters. Just need one more .. A big horn! That's what I bought the R-1 for. If I send anything else to the taxidermist I'm going to have to find a good lawyer. The wife went nuts over the last animal ... but I promised her that this was it ... just need the sheep and I'll quit stuffin' stuff.
  11. jedd

    nova shotgun

    I read it has something to do with the properties of the mercury being a liquid. shock absorbtion / vibration retention or something like that.
  12. jedd

    SBE offered in 20ga.

    I wouldn't give up my 12 either but having a 20 gauge SBE to grab when called for would be great! I use my 1100 20ga here in North Dakota on early season pheasants and sharptails and love it. the winchester super-x hi-brass game loads in 4,5,and 6 work great for early season birds out of a 20 gauge. Like i said before I would get rid of my remington 1100 in a New York minute! Having a Super Black Eagle in 20 gauge would be awesome! I want one!
  13. war eagle - you're right I should probably invest in one or borrow one to fine tune it better. The thing is I was taught to shoot and sight in not using any type of rest and to imulate possible hunting positions. I think you just motivated me to think outside the box, thanks! but I must say I didn't wound anything this year two whitetails and a muley took one hit each and didn't run too far. all three were mid - lung shots. shooting across a bean field I actually knocked one of the whitetails off his feet. I like the bearclaws. I previously used an A-bolt in 7mm rem mag with the 3200 elite and had great success with that too. but, I'm going to take your advice and see if can tighten this thing up a bit more. [ 01-13-2004, 07:56 AM: Message edited by: jedd ]
  14. I don't intending to step on the feet of happy mossberg owners but, the nova is sweet! I have one and for a pump the thing is as M1014 says, smooth, sleek and user friendly. Benelli re-wrote the books on what a pump could and should be. birddog- I take it the porting helps a bit eh? [ 01-13-2004, 07:29 AM: Message edited by: jedd ]
  15. jedd

    SBE offered in 20ga.

    wow sounds good to me. love my super black eagle! and having a 20 gauge model would sure be cool. built on its own frame and replicating the 12 would be an awesome gun! do you think they'd do it? I don't really like the m-1 or the montefeltro so I've stuck with my remington 1100 20 gauge. I would dump my 1100 in a second if Benelli offered the sbe in a 20!!!! [ 01-12-2004, 06:02 PM: Message edited by: jedd ]
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