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  1. Was your duck season better or worse than last year?
  2. There is only one way to eat any duck, cut thin in strips and flash friedwith salt,pepper and breaded batter., don't over cook. A close second is deep fried thin.
  3. Need help, my SBE won't eject 3.5 kent fasteel. I think the gun jams in the following manner. You shoot, the empty casing is being extracted, but the extractor slips off the bottom of the brass lip of the shell, the bolt keeps travelling back forcing the Carrier to pick up the next round, hence jamming the gun because an empty shell is in the action and the next round is trying to get in. It does not do it with every round of fast steel, but it is at least 20-30%. I bought some cheap 3.5 Xpert HV, 25 rounds without a hick-up. Is anyone else having this problem or has a solution. I have u
  4. Terror .675 or any extra full turkey (does not matter who makes). P. Master is mainly for steel. Up here we have to use no-tox so the Terror .675 has patterned the best for me.
  5. You won't be disappointed with the SBE. Besides the gun fitting very well for me, I like how easy it is to clean.
  6. I have the limb saver as well, I would say it reduces recoil about 20-to maybe 30% on lighter loads. I have only read negative things about the mercury reducer. The pad took less than five minutes to install.
  7. Kent Faststeel is pretty darn good stuff for the price. I would use it over Drylocks any day. My shell bag has 3 kinds of shells in it. 3.5" Kent faststeel, 3.5" Federal Heavy High velocity and Kent 3" Tungsten Matrix. I mainly use Kent Fasteel. Never used FUD the decoys. Good luck this fall.
  8. My boss is on a Stone sheep hunt in BC right now and he has done many goat hunts, I will let you know when he gets back. These hunts are not for the faint hearted, I have heard of guides packing in hunts because the client is not physically fit. [ 08-07-2004, 08:39 PM: Message edited by: shell waster ]
  9. Thanks for the info Pokey, we kinda thought as much, I have .300 Win Mag Bar and the recoil is very mild for that caliber.
  10. Man o' man, either these guns are getting damaged in shipping, or the quality control department needs eye exams all around. The safeties, now this, hmmmm, maybe they are making them a little too quickly to fill the high demand, just a thought. And another thought is to go over your gun head to toe in the shop before buying, if something looks arye, hold off on the purchase. [ 07-28-2004, 08:39 PM: Message edited by: shell waster ]
  11. I don't wear neoprene, I wear the ice-buster by Cabela's, we hunt some real rat holes and flood cedar swamps that have been cut, neoprene can't take it. My wife wears the Amorflex by Cabela's, pretty tough and not a bad price. She does not go into the cedar swamps.
  12. Shopping around right now, everyone wants around $1000, seems a tad high.
  13. Agreed, their e-mail response is needs significant improvement, there was a huge thread awhile back about that issue. You will be happy with your Benelli. I can't count the number of times that I am banging away and the guy beside is jammed and can't shoot. To me the reliability of a firearm is priceless.
  14. Laz, do you think Benelli's fix to the safety was adequate or lax?
  15. Birddog, go for it! He wouldn't have to ask me twice. I have never shot an elk and when a big boy comes waltzing into the food plot 20 yards away it kinda got my juices flowing. [ 07-15-2004, 12:27 AM: Message edited by: shell waster ]
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