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  1. NoTox

    Duck calls

    I just got my Cadence timber in bois d'arc today and I can't wait to use it.
  2. That post did sound kind of angry didn't it? I just think they ruin a possibly good show with their hosts/editing/storylines.
  3. I think the hosts are a couple of retards. The show is based on a good concept, but they ruin it for me. The hunting action sucks. It seems like they are always just skybusting flocks as they pass by. And they show the same shots from different angles to make you think they killed more birds. Also, all of the constant advertising for their sponsors is annoying. Just one guy's opinion.
  4. Just wondering if anyone has patterned teh sbeII with the factory full choke for turkey type applications. I don't turkey hunt but 1 or 2 time a season, therefore can't justify spending $80-100 on a choke if it is not a great improvement. Surely the factory choke can do the job. I hope to get out and pattern it this week, but I was just seeing if anyone had experience with this. Thanks.
  5. NoTox


    Anybody knoe where I can get a shotgun-mounted video camera like the Benellicam that Tom Knapp uses? I have seen one called the Hunt Cam, but it looks to be quite a bit bulkier and cumbersome than teh former. Any help is appreciated.
  6. NoTox

    gel recoil pad

    Do a search on posts about this problem. I believe guys were cleaning it with alcohol and then using a silicone adhesive. Or just use duct tape! I have never had problems with mine.
  7. I am with EFLOYD on this one. My SBEII has shot everthing from Winchester Super Speed 7/8oz to 3 1/2 hevi shot #4 without a hiccup. I have not babied it, taken it out in the rain, snow and sand pits of West TX. Clean her up and good to go. I love it.
  8. NoTox

    SBE2 Porting

    When I first got my SBEII, I took it on a dove hunt. Since I had heard horror stories about the guns not cycling light loads, I bought some 2 3/4" 1 1/4 oz loads. But while on the hunt, I decided to try some of my buddies lighter loads and it cycled a box of them perfectly. They were the cheap 7/8 oz Winchester super speeds form Wallyworld. Not one hiccup yet, it has cycled everything from those small loads up to 3 1/2" BBs. Man I love this gun, couldn't be happier with it.
  9. NoTox


    I am officially sold on hevi-shot as of now. The shots that I took at geese, dropped 'em dead on the deck. No followup shots, no extras on the way down. Just dead. They were not the longest shots, but it still was very impressive. Now I just have to figure out how to reload them and I will be set.
  10. NoTox


    Thanks for the info, I'll let you know how it goes.
  11. NoTox


    Just looking for some advice. I am going on a lesser Canadian goose hunt this week and would like to shoot hevi-shot. What size recommendations would some of you have for me? I will be shooting an SBEII with factory (probably modified) chokes. Any info is appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Got a question for you hevi-shot guys. I am going on a hunt for lesser canadian geese this week and would like to shoot hevi-shot. I normally hunt ducks, so I am not sure what size/choke to use. I have heard you can step down iin shot size. I am shooting a SBEII with factory, probablly modified cirochoke. Thanks.
  13. sweet! Sounds like an awesome day.
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