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  1. I want to hunt with you.... you can shoot one with my M2 20 ga since we will be hunting together. LOL
  2. I killed 2 toms this spring with my M2 20ga in black. they didn't die any different than from my camouflaged Remington 870 20ga
  3. I have a M2 20 ga and need a slim pad for it. Using mostly for turkey and dont need the extra cushion of the thick factory pad. who has the best prices? I went to Gander Mountain and I will not pay $100 for a stupid pad. my goodness they got them marked up.
  4. super cool! wouldnt want it any better than having a huge gobbler with hooooooks!
  5. They will fix it, even if it takes 3 or 4 times. They stood behind a bad SBE barrel I had bought NIB for a turkey hunting barrel and with a IndianCreek tube it shot 8-12 inches high to the right. Threads in barrel were off. Every tube I tried it did the same thing. Cost so much, I didnt want to bend the barrel to shoot correctly. Benelli replaced it!
  6. best slug I found to shoot decently was the 2 3/4" lightfields. I shot more expensive 3" sabots with no improvements. I did J-B non imbedding bore cleaner to it and it did help the accuracy. went from a 5" 3 shot group to a 2" 3 shot group. I think that it would help if it had a trigger job done to it. My savage 220 rocks on accuracy. I want to sell my slug barrel and buy a 24 or 26" Crio for my M2 20
  7. what yardage? 40? 10" or 20" circle pattern?
  8. did you clean the gun before shooting the light loads?
  9. thanks, I would be a miracle to get them back
  10. I wanted to let you Benelli shooters to keep a eye out for 2 Benelli SBE's particular this is my dedicated turkey gun and the only one like in existence. if you notice anything strange, it is. No vent rib Crio barrel, SBEII forearm, steady grip and with Vista camouflage. Also a SBEII in Hardwoods 26" the SBE serial # is U169104 the SBEII serial # is U318592
  11. when you pattern you rgun, use a huge piece of paper and just shoot towards the middle. draw a 10" circle over the densest part of the core and then count how many pellets. you want no less than 150 pellets in the 10 at 40. At least I don't. I travel out of state and hunt and dont get that perfect setup while hunting turkey every time and if I misjudge yardage I want it to drop. IndianCreek .665 for Hevi 6's and go tighter if you use magblends or 7's
  12. the nova barrel is a smaller bore 12 ga. use a IndianCreek .665 if your using hevishot 2oz #6's if your using maglbends or straight 7's, go tighter. be blessed this turkey season!
  13. Chad, thats why i close my eyes when i squeeze the trigger. lol I love mine, i cut it down to fit me better and used a slip on limbsaver for a pad.
  14. Checkout indiancreekss.com if your using nontoxic ammo. Kicks is a good choke too.
  15. I think he may be refering to my forum name on NWTF, Skiebuster. Not sure, but i dont think that i had slammed him when i replied to his post. Iagree with him and thank him for putting the word out on Deans M1 20 that shoots so far off it would need to be bent like a "boomerang" to hit POA.
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