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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, I guess I will have to try the Claw with Hush II swivels,... i've seen a few others with same comment. Evidently Quake has changed their swivel design in the last few years so I'm not sure if the new ones work as well with this gun as the old ones must have but its the only option i see to try it. I do find it odd though that there are not more complaints about the problem and acknowledge it isn't a MAJOR issue, but i can guarantee you anyone that turkey hunts would notice it if it happened with their setup. Im starting to wonder if maybe the swivel attach
  2. anybody looking that is unimpressed, like me, don't be! try it, i know this is/has been a great combination in some SBE2 guns i just don't think its the best setup for my gun for whatever reason. Anybody want to buy a limited production Wright's choke to test it out i will ship it to you for $30, or I'll trade it for another high quality tube if you have one that didn't work out for you.. I am going to test some different rounds with it first tho..
  3. I'm getting ready to do some pattern work! last year i used a Wright's choke, .660 with 2 oz #6 Hevi-13 consistent pattern with a CLEAN barrel around 120 or so in 10"circle. @ 40yd the POI was about 6" high though if i remember correctly, and the Factory full crio choke had about the same pattern density with a better POI. Anybody else here use a Wright's choke? .660? what's the best heavy-shot load brand etc you've found with it, post it up!! Oh yeah I'm shooting a SBE 2 26"barrel
  4. I am fighting this same issue.. The sling mount not only will eventually mar/chip the camo finish on the mag cap but mine makes a bad popping noise as it moves with each step. I've dug up several old threads and started one new one about this. I've also emailed Benelli. I'm actually wondering if everybody with the problem has the noise?
  5. hangitup

    SBE II Sling

    It does suck i have to agree with that! I found this post doing a search for the same problem... does anybody have an answer 2 years later? I'm not worried about the camo finish so much, i just can't stand the popping noise when i'm turkey huntin
  6. I know i'm digging up an old thread here but i just got a new SBE 2 last year and I have the same exact problem as Bartman. Anyone else? It makes a louder popping noise than you would think when you're sneaking around in the turkey woods.. very aggravating. Does the M2 do this also?
  7. Are the mag cap for the SBE2 and M2 the same? I've noticed a few other threads when i did a search that would indicate I'm not the only one who is trying to find a sling or sling swivel that will not make contact with the edges of the mag cap when carrying it hunting... not a big deal if you're crashing around in the water duck hunting but I've spent my only time with it in the woods during turkey season. When the woods are quiet and I'm sneaking around this thing makes a substantial popping noise with almost each step. i just bought the SBE2 a year ago and I'm thinking about s
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