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    SBE II Mods

    I was intrigued by the article I found below on shotgun modding for waterfowlers. What is everyones opinion on lengthening your factory forcing cone, barrel porting, trigger work, and cryogenic treatment?? I have a Benelli SBE II. I like it, but am interested in learning about and finding out if anything described in the article would be advantageous for duck and goose hunting. Read the article in the link. Definitely a good read......Post Up! http://www.duckhuntingchat.com/customizing-your-shotgun.php
  2. Thanks for sharing! Awesome video. Looks like some good times with many more to come.
  3. I know you said M1, but give hevi-shot heavy metal a try. Works great with my SBE II.
  4. Haven't shot the hypersonic. Have had good luck with hevi-shot heavy metal though.
  5. My philosophy is to never trade or sell a gun you own. If something comes out you want, keep what you got and save up and get the new one too. Nothing worse than getting rid of a good gun and forever wishing you hadn't. Just my thoughts!
  6. The pics of a dog breaking through the ice are always some of my faves. Bald eagle pic is sweet too.
  7. Nice bird! Make sure you post a pic after it comes out of the oven or deep fryer!

    super vinci

    Showtime, there is speculation that a Super Vinci is being released tomorrow. It is my understanding that you can log on tomorrow to the Benelli website and any new products will be displayed at that time.

    SBE II Sling

    Just looked up the VTAC. Looks promising. Are there any other brands I should check out first before ordering? Thx!
  10. From what I have read, if this is indeed the new product announcement, it will be officially announced and up on the website January 18th. As far as price, would assume the retail will be announced at the same time. This is my speculation based on articles.
  11. THRASH

    SBE II Sling

    Well I am in the market for a sling for my SBE II for waterfowl hunting. I bought one from Avery called the finisher. I don't like it at all. The top part rubs the metal completely against the camo dip. Is there a certain type sling that fits these guns better than others etc. I want the best sling possible. Thanks guys!!
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