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  1. Almost 1000 veiws on the video!! Thanks to all who enjoyed!
  2. Skeleton is 1/2" galvanized conduit and skin is. 032" aluminum. Conduit is MIG welded.
  3. I think he got it at Bass Pro and that song is called Dirt Road Anthem. CD is called My Kinda Party and every song is great!!
  4. Me and my buddy custom made it, check out the video Takem 7. It's where I got the ideas.
  5. Thanks Tucker! My cell takes crappy pics and I always forget my good camera:D
  6. The Xtrema looks like a boat paddle:D
  7. Browning made alot of A 5s with a 32" barrel. I'm sure there are others but I'm a big fan of the A5.
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