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  1. I listen to my squeezin bleet call:)
  2. OK........I admit.........THAT's funny NOW this conversation is goin places! Heres a visual..........Big Haus Cartwright spewing blood while being attacked by a killer bunny rabbit and little Joe throwing sacred granades
  3. [All the pm's I have recieved have convinced me to stay the course.They just don't want to be harassed,so they watch from the sidelines. PROMOTE ON QUAKER DUDE Tucker - thanks for the direct LINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Please define spam (I know what it is and just want know if you know the definition) The guy is obviuosly proud of what he sells and wants to know if anyone has tried it. This is a hunting forum thus the question about a hunting product (even if does sell it). If he didnt post it, I may not ever know about it and who knows maybe I will get one a bag the buck of a lifetime. Hmmmm, I think THAT would make me happy he asked about it. I dont recall his statement asking anyone to buy one, I didnt see a link going directly to the product, his email or pricing. He isnt promoting anything - he a
  5. After doing a bunch of research and almost buying a rifeled barrel - I decided to test some slugs from the 26 " bird barrel today and I can say I am completely impressed. I called Benelli and they said to use the Cyl or Imp Cyl but I still wouldnt be accurate past 30 yards. BULLCRAP. At first I admit I wasnt happy - I used the Cyl choke. 25 yards it shoots high about 10" but side to side its perfect. Though it shot high I was grouping 3 inch groups. I took it to 50 yards and it all fell apart, I was barely on the the paper (way left). I tried Federal, Winchester and Brenneke...all the same.
  6. NICE PIC. by long distance (for turkey) I mean 50 yards. Yeh it's a SBE II - cool thanks - I prob will try the Rhino
  7. i did remove the plug but i am used to holding more. i will have to get the mag extender. do you know if it comes in camo?
  8. Looking to get a turkey choke - anyone experiment with diff chokes and what the best one for long range? Thanks
  9. Fianally shot it! I was pretty nervous before I shot it in regards if I made the right decision but ohhh man is that gun awesome. Started out with some 3.5 turkey loads. patterned awesome and hardly kicked if you asked me, very impressed. Shot about 30 of those and them went to 2 3/4 1300 fps trap loads about another 30. Honestly I could shoot those all day long and not feel it. The most impressive thing to me was how fast it cycled and how fast the barrel recovery is. I have read that this guns kicks alot but I dont see it. Especially with the 2 3/4, You can barely feel them. Did I say the r
  10. holy crap - I guess that was a bad idea. I like how you can hear it coming back
  11. Thanks to both of you I will take the advise!
  12. I too just bought a SBEII - anyone try the TruGlo gobble stopper sights that mount on the vent rib? Look pretty good
  13. Yeh....I have read it about 5 times thanks for the reply - I will be shootin this weekend and will report how it goes! I am pretty excited goin from a mossberg to this gun!
  14. SBEII - how do you get the "duck plug" out? I tried spanner clip pliers but cant seem to get it out. Any tips? THanks
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