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  1. Does anyone know of a good website that will do a custom taxadermy job? I want to have a jackalope made, but i want to use a set of horns that I have. Thanks in advance!
  2. BenelliBoy, I haven't had any trouble with my gun, it is black. I didn't see a point in getting the camo.
  3. yeah, thanks for the help shell waster, that is the same thing i have come up with as far as the packing goes, but we are up for it, i'm "in my prime" so to speak and my dad is in very good shape as well. Just let me know
  4. Is there anyone out there who has gone on a mountain goat hunt up around Alaska, or B.C. that would recommind a good guide?? My father and I were looking at taking a trip sometime in the future, and are looking for some contacts. -Lefty
  5. I think i would hide behind a wall and pull the trigger with a string.
  6. sweet, just let me know, it isn't a life or death situation at the moment.
  7. So I scratched the h*ll out of my sbe the other day, it put about a 2 inch cratch down the barrel, but is there any way that i could fix it. Can you buy some sort of refinisher or anything??
  8. I would like the see a lefty wood stock on the SBEs' but they don't have them. I am happy with everything else.
  9. Yes, you are right, i am going to have to go with the all but too common brain fart on that one. I guess i was thinking of the M1? or maybe i just wasn't thinking.... that could be it.
  10. but you can only shoot one at a time, why so many?? I would have that many too, but tuition is more important at the moment.
  11. I guess if you got the Nova it would be 3 inchers though huh... sry for the brain fart....
  12. if your going to be cycling 3.5 all day long i would spend the money, if you going to shoot at bambi with the thing twice a year save your cash. that is my 2 cents as well.
  13. Yeah, the reason it is stiff is b/c it has pressure on it which isn't a bad thing, pull back on the bolt and it is easy. Mine is just as stiff but i accually like it.
  14. what situations are you talking about?? IE. bird hunting, turkey, deer, skeet, protection??
  15. i know that the SBE and SBE2 shoot 3.5 but i odn't know about the DU version.
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