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  1. hc

    sbe stock

    Hi i pick up a sbe 28 in barell, factory stock. i am smaller built hunter, and would prefer a shorter stock ideally 12.5inches. i took off the stock and will like to know if, or can i shorten the stock and what is the max i can go. also will shortening affect the kick. need advice thank you
  2. hc

    SBE offered in 20ga.

    sbe 20g. sound great a left hand version would be ideal too. Maybe benelli will pick up on these comments. i currently own sbe lh 12 g. its great. hc
  3. HI Guys. I have a sbe 28" no slug barrel which rifled slug with cylinder choke be best for deer.
  4. I looked at the model 2000 and was told you may have trouble with lighter load ejecting so i got myself sbe no regret a bit more pricee
  5. hc

    benelli sbe

    I like to mount a truglo tridot sighting on my sbe. i will like to use it for deer and turkey. the tridot also has screw for adjustment (accuracy). anyone have any opinion on this one or any other. thanks for you input.
  6. email me @ [email protected] and i can direct you to the right source benilli owner too.
  7. [ 10-24-2003, 07:22 PM: Message edited by: hc ]
  8. hc


    I have a sbe and was thinking of putting a truglo tridot adjustable (for accuracy) can i get an opinion i will use it for deer and turkey. thank you
  9. hc


    i have a sbe and notice a nick in the barell (*) size in bracket no real depth should i be concern
  10. hc


    nick in the barell like a little speck (") in bracket just noticeable should i be concern
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