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  1. I was not satisfied with my R1 and sold it. I now plan to buy a Super Black Eagle II. What choke should I buy for it to shoot hevi-shot out of it for Turkey's? Jimmyp
  2. I have one that is marked H&K, back when they used to import them. Fine gun, very handy. Jimmyp
  3. Has anyone noticed any change in point of impact with wooden fore-end tightness? Thanks. Jimmyp
  4. Does anyone own one of these yet other than me? If so what do you think of it? What type of groups are you getting? JimmyP
  5. jimmyp50


    Hello, I just bought one as well. The dealer had the 20 inch 30-06 in stock, which I got along with a Zeiss 3 x 9 diavari (sp?) scope, and millett rings. I do not like the weaver type rail that was included with the gun but I now hear that browning BAR mounts will fit it? I plan to change after the season. How it shoots? I have not reloaded for the gun but have shot Remington 150 and 165 corelocks, Winchester 150 and 168 grain ballistic tips, and 150 grain failsafes. Right now I am still experimenting and cannot give an absolute number for group size at 100 yds, however it did work as advertized on a small (130 lb) whitetail in November at 45 yds. I like the gun, it handles well, works every pull of the trigger, and I like the fact it can be dissassembled to clean the barrel from the breach. This is why I never purchased a BAR, as I hate having to worry about ruining barrels by cleaning from the muzzle. In principle it is a very well thought out firearm, well suited to my primary sport. I think it even has a chrome lined chamber!! If it proves to be as accurate as my hunting pals 30-06 BAR, Benelli will have hit another home run! I have 3 of their hunting firearms at this time!! At any rate I am going to change out the bases, rings in January and will have more to report. Jimmyp50
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