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  1. s morton

    nova pump camo

    i would like to get some responses not just from people on the forum but benelli its self. i love my nova alot i bought a benelli nova in october of 2002. the camoflauge is wearing off on some places . i was wondering is this covered by waranty or not? if not, how much would it cost to get it camoflauged again?
  2. 1 body length ahead is way to much. aim for there bill (it will then smackum in the stomachs) then there grave yard dead.
  3. you guys hunting up north have it easy compared to us down south. are season opens in mid november but are hunting isnt at its peak till about mid december and gets better as the season goes. down here we get the birds yall have shot at so they are very call shy and decoy shy. we dont get are good hunts till january mostly. but one advantage we have is we get full plumage birds.
  4. s morton

    Nova Pump

    i think it is. but actually its not the gun its the shooter and the shot. also using the right choke and finding your right shells is another important factor. i hunt with my nova but shoot skeet for fun and i like it.
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