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  1. I am screwed. I used gun scrubber on the slide release assembly of my 870 Thanks BLKLABMAN. Back when AR used to have ducks, I could have also extended the offer in the Felsenthal. I can take you on a tour of some pretty flooded timber anyway.
  2. The 870 Express is a piece of junk. I bought one because I am left handed. It jams constantly, The Browning BPS is too complicated for me to break down and does not fit me. MY new Nova has worked just fine and I plan on having the left handed trigger group installed this year. I have missed more ducks to to an 870 jamming than any other shotgun be it O/U, semi-auto or Pump. I have hunted with and prefer pumps since 1988 so I am past the operator error part of the equation.
  3. We need a 30 day season for a few years and if both DU and Delta do not advocate this for next season, they will not get my support. The Fed counts are bogus and this year, " due to lack of funding ", they are not even doing a count. This adaptive harvest management stuff is not adding up. The rest is in God's hands as He sees fit. You will not kill ducks in the South when it is 65 in January in St. Louis or Pekin, IL-----------ain't gonna happen. It is time for DU and Delta to level with us and tell us they really don't know what is going on and they need our help. Again, we need to stop these ridiculous 60 - 80 day seasons AND REDUCE THE DAILY BAG LIMIT-----------------------OR ELSE!!!
  4. I have two pumps and one Auto 5. The Auto 5 16 is used by the son God has loaned us. I am a pump guy hands down. I make one pass with a Breakfree CLP coated bore snake and spray the shotgun down after each use and then wipe off the excess. It takes five minutes.
  5. Why do you want a ported barrel? They are loud and frankly when ducks or phesants are coming in, you will not think about the recoil. The Nova can be retrofitted with a recoil reducer anyway. The nova offers rust resistance in the camo version with a chrome barrel. If you are a waterfowler, this is muy importante.
  6. Waxed Canvas

    Barrel Lengths

    Don't go below a 26" for duck hunting. To begin with, it is just plain rude to blast everyone's ears with a loud little 24" barrel in the blind next to a tree. Next, when you drape the shotgun across your shoulders with a 24", the muzzle end is dangerously close to your head and------it is dangerous to others.
  7. I mean q tips not tooth picks!
  8. Here's the deal with an 870, if you look at it hard, it will rust. Even our camo Remoington semi-autos rust. I have an 870 EXP that is kept slathered in oil at all times. I don't care for the parts-intensive action of an Ithaca or Browning BPS. I want a pump that I can break down and clean if need be. Finally, I cannot fathom why American manufacturers refuse to chrome line their shotgun bores. I will not own another shotgun w/o it. All I need to clean the Nova is a bore snake and a can of Breakfree CLP and a few tooth picks.
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