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  1. Different airlines have different rules. Generally, you have to have a locked case. Get there early and don't forget to declare the gun AND the ammunition. Going to Canada is a whole different ballgame.
  2. It's a 1983, not 1883. SHOOOOOOOOT!
  3. I don't know a lot about the M2. The M1 is my duty/home defense/vacation/potential dove gun. I don't think an 18.5" is any good for ducks though. As far as coyotes and deer? You'd have to be a pretty good slugger I think.
  4. Thanks, guys. I should have mentioned that I'd be more comfortable with a factory Benelli. The speed feed doesn't have a sling attachment. Plus, I generally don't trust aftermarket stuff.
  5. I've searched the forums but I couldn't locate anything. There are a few web sites that sell them for $110 or more. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Warren

    Recoil reducer

    I have a 16.5 inch length of pull. All shotguns used to cause me discomfort. I just threw on a 5 dollar slip on pad and that changed everything for me on my M1. I love to shoot it now. Slugs don't bother me a bit. Have your LOP measured and equip your long gun accordingly.
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