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  1. hugh


    I think I got it...
  2. hugh


    I bought my Nova in black, took the $70 difference, and went to Wally World and bought some ultra flat spray paint and a can of automotive plastic primer. A little cleaning, priming, painting, masking, painting again, and poof! A 'custom' camo paint job that only cost an extra $20 or so. I had a hen walk to within 12 yards of me while I was using the gun, so I guess it's good 'nuff. Right now the Hunt101.com site is updating their system, so I can't post a pic, but I think I did alright. I'll post a pic ASAP.
  3. I'd have to say you were told right. Patterning my Nova for turkey season this past spring was bad. It's not the most unpleasant gun I've shot, but after 7 or 8 3" mags, it's close. I'm waiting to get one of those Comfort Tech pads from an SBE2 and pop it on my Nova. Right now, I've got a slip over pad added on. When it's cold out, the stock pad feels a little bit stiffer than normal, which isn't a good thing. It's still a good gun, but a day at the range with some magnums will leave you with some black and blue reminders.
  4. hugh


    Maybe I shouldn't have requested them every couple of weeks; so far I have received 5 packs of catalogs. Oh well, I can share the wealth with others now.
  5. hugh


    Finally got them on June 03. Yeah.
  6. hugh


    Can anyone tell me if there is some sort of secret squirrel handshake or kidney donation involved in getting a catalog? I've requested one every month for the last 4 or 5 months, even sent an email to customer service, and have received squat . The only dealer in my area doesn't have any to give. Thanks.
  7. hugh

    Nova recoil pad

    In the Cabela's and Bass Pro catalogs, and on some of the posts here, I've read about the Sims recoil pad. Does that fit a Nova, or just the SBE? How about other pads? Thanks.
  8. I need to do a little homework before I buy. Both the Nova and the Mossberg 835 fit me, they both feel good, swing good, all that stuff. I've heard and read that the Nova tends to rattle a little or a lot up front. Anyone here have that? Also, I've read that the customer service is sorta sub par (no offense). My main usage will be turkey and deer, with a little pheasant and wild hog thrown into the mix. Any help, advice, words of wisdom would be great. I only have 8 weeks till turkey time. [ 02-21-2004, 03:53 PM: Message edited by: hugh ]
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