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  1. believe it or not, the cheaper usually means the better, kinda like a ak-47 check out the mossbergs for 150 bucks
  2. at least someone gets out of their house occasionally
  3. [ 10-21-2005, 04:46 PM: Message edited by: crazyhair ]
  4. what does it matter? also since its aluminum receiver I think it is anodized
  5. nowhere on the benelli website is there mention of crio chokes or barrels just a trigger guard
  6. what is a montafeltro2? I thinks you got a regular one and thats that.
  7. since the m2 and cordoba both use the same bolt and setup, i would not assume the cordoba handles light loads better. min req is still 1.1/8 & 3 dram oh ya, the cordoba and m2 should really be the same price, both have cryo chokes, only the cordoba's are extended, its ported, and the receiver top half opens, if that is worth 300$...... up to you [ 10-19-2005, 11:05 PM: Message edited by: crazyhair ]
  8. for the gun to cycle correctly it must be able to move backwards the only time a benelli will not cycle is when the stock is against a brick wall.
  9. crazyhair

    SBE II Finish

    tucker could you post a picture of what is wearing down
  10. the website claims 3 in mag plus 1
  11. Whats the point of all the speed, most of it will burn off within a few feet of leaving the muzzle, why not just use 1300fps or something like that, its cheaper, is it not?
  12. The SxS is all barrel heavy, so would going to the 26 M2 be to snappy and whippy?
  13. Should I get the M2 in the 26 or 28inch bbl the 28inch is a total of 49.5 inch shotgun, I've only ever had a 30 inch SxS with a total of 47 inches. which to choose for all around, trap and ducks and upland
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