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  1. I'll check it out and compare the prices. Thanks tj tank
  2. Don't hold back NoTox, what do your really think of the show tank
  3. Has anyone tried the kent 1 1/4 load at 1600 +. I was wondering how it looked when shot on paper? Will price be about the same as their other 3.5 loads. tank
  4. Thank you for that tucker, I couldn't have come up with anything that nice. tank
  5. Everyone has their own ideas about calling so find what works for your area. The feeding call's the most difficult to learn. Concentrate on one call at a time and let your decoys do most of the work (mallards). I do use the feeding call but think it's not as productive as the greeting call and the come back here you bums call. Late in the season the ducks have heard it all and then less is better, and if you just have to make a noise, I use a soft feeding call. Again this is for my area.
  6. The one I had screwed onto the stock bolt. I got mine two years ago, so they're not new. As I remember you take the nut off the stock bolt and screw this on. I was so happy with mine I gave it away. Now this is just what I think, I would skid the added weight of the recoil reducer and get a good pad. If the pad isn't enough then get the reducer if you choose. I really couldn't feel any difference in reduced recoil and I didn't like the added weight in the stock. I got a good deal (it was used) on it and figured what the heck. The one I had is on its 4 owner. tank
  7. tank

    SBE What should I do?

    I paid 1000 for my black syn. in 01 or 02. I like my sbe and don't plan to up date to the sbe 11. I see no reason to do so. I would pick the sbe over the sbe11 today, but that's just me. Saying that, well you be satisfied with the sbe? tank
  8. Webfoot, if you don't have them Idaho Duckers right. If you can find where the ducks want to go, all you really need is, to me there. I'm not that great of a hunter and don't pretend to be, and I'm a worse at shooting. I've hunted with as few as 4 decoys when everyone else had out a couple dozen or a lot more. Work with knowing the hunting pressure, location where the ducks want to be, and wind are more help the any darn robo duck. Get an easy blow call I can recommend a couple (pm me) and they aren't spendy at all. Learn only one call at a time and when you get good at it, learn another
  9. tank


    Hey gang, Wilson sent me a pm. Would you believe it, we're going Friday He's really a nice man, he only acts like an azz. I hope he's just toying with me, to find my turkey spots. Wilson you devil tank
  10. tank


    I'm glad that's out in the open. What tipped you off Wilson? tank
  11. We can't use anything with a motor or battery. Didn't like the ones with a jerk string, way to much going on in the blind, the only time the wind didn't blow is when we tried the wind ducks. Yes, I think they helped. tank
  12. Thanks Resident, and you are right. I screwed up and that's what I meant to say. If I apply any more pressure to hold #8 I'll smash the recoil spring housing, then I'll really have a mess. tank
  13. How do I get # 8 out ? I've tried penetrating oil , heat, heat then dip it penetrating oil to cool, rounded off the 17mm bolt, and if I tighten vise grips any more I'll smash it. I didn't have this problem with my M1
  14. I don't know Lil Yorkie, your post just reminded me that Beretta has a new gun for 05 It's a break open auto I'm not pulling your finger, I seen it in my last N. Rifleman tank
  15. tank


    A good friend [/img]
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