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  1. Haven't seen any posts from him in a while...
  2. Having somone show their "best group of the day" is just that... their best group of the day... NFL players play their best game of the week... even if they lose... it was just that... their best game of the week... it is called "being human". You go Tucker! "Lil Yorkie
  3. 'LilYorkie

    20 ga

    I just purchased a 20 ga. Benelli Legacy. I have used it to shoot skeet and did not notice recoil at all. It is lite and swings easy. LOVE IT!
  4. I shot a Montefeltro 20 ga. first and LOVED it ... However, I am a "BLING" person and decided to go with the Legacy. I like the engraving and the beautifully figured wood. Both shotguns are superb... feather lite--- very easy to swing! *** Legacy - LOVE IT!!! *** "Lil Yorkie [ 07-22-2005, 07:51 AM: Message edited by: 'LilYorkie ]
  5. I just purchased a new Legacy 20 ga. It is easy to swing and no recoil, which is a concern for other women I know... It is a beautiful gun too...
  6. Congrats Alex, I went on my first turkey hunt 2 weeks ago and did not shoot one... next time... 'Lil Yorkie
  7. HEAVY 4X4, Actually, I just returned from my first all women turkey hunt in south-eastern Illinois. We hunted with a very professional, knowledgeable group of guides from River's Bend Trophy Outfitters in New Haven Illinois. (812) 483-4358. At first I had no idea what I had gotten my self into. I was wondering if I could even "hack it"... which I was able to. I brought with me a Benelli M2 in Realtree's Advantage Timber HD 12 gauge- 3 inch with a full choke. My clothing was also Realtree's Advantage Timber HD. The first day we were up at 3:30 a.m. and out of the lodge by 4:10 a.
  8. Which gun would you suggest a female beginner interested in sporting clays purchase? Are there any female posters out there? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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