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  1. 1. Yes, it is on Lock-tite. 2. I don't have experience with Sure Cycle's followers but I do know that BLACK FLAT METALLIC which comes with SBE, Super 90 (can be M1Field, Montefeltro) is problem free.
  2. I beleive that you are experiensing the same problem that I described at http://www.benelliusa.com/forums/ultimatebb.php/topic/1/2288.html#000000 According to my undestanding the problem can be fixed by changing red color follower. What type of follower was installed in your Montefeltro? The RIGHT one is supposed to protrude beyond magazine tube and can be black metallic or red plastic which is now being installed in the new M4, M2, etc. The WRONG one is red color plastic and doesn't protrude. Benelli knows about that issue but doesn't admit and doesm't want to change follow
  3. Sorry, but it might spoil your mood My Cordoba does the same. Just pull barrel and move left/right, and it will come out. Mine also has this problem: http://www.benelliusa.com/forums/ultimatebb.php/topic/1/2288.html#000000 That is why I sold it.
  4. Thank you. I also like black one better then others. I have also heard that black one wears much less then camos
  5. Do the "ADVANTAGE" and "MAX4" colors really increase a probability of the successful hunt?
  6. Hi! I asked the same questions to Benelli's support. The answer is: Magazine tube doesn't need to be disassemled. Just remove barrel, trigger group and forend. Hold gun with magazine tube against table. With wood or plastic stick press red color follower injecting polymer safe gun cleaner inside the tube. Press spring 10 times up/down. No oiling is needed.
  7. That is the problem if you hold gun upside down. It jams when fron end of a shell touches red color follower and you press release button. Shell gets into magazine tube. It jams against internal wall of the magazine tube. I tried to make my SBEII and M1Field to mulfunction this way but was unsuccesful I alredy sent it. Benelli REP told me that that is a mulfunction. [ 11-23-2005, 10:45 AM: Message edited by: Resident ]
  8. Unfortunately, my Cordoba jams with live ammo and shell in THIS PARTCULAR POSITION. By the way, this brand of dummies is felt so natural!. I got them from Brownells.
  9. I called Benelli, and they coudn't replicate a problem with their examples. They invited me to send it in. They said that it is supposed to load with either way and throw shell out from any position [ 11-22-2005, 12:28 PM: Message edited by: Resident ]
  10. Of course, I can load the way you suggest. But It is .....ing inconvinient and I get used to to load a shell by dropping it on a carrier.
  11. Please take a look!!! Or maybe I am doing something wrong? IS THIS MULFUNCTION? OR IT’S SUPPOSED TO WORK THIS WAY?? I have noticed the problem I am going to describe, only with Super Sport and Cordoba chambers. Neither SBE II, nor M1 Field has one. Assume, that you are shooting trap. You are required to load only one round at time. I keep shotgun, barrel pointing DOWN. I drop shell on carrier and shell touches red color magazine follower. If I press carrier release button at this situation, shell will cling against upper part of magazine tube. If I drop a shell on the carrier and ther
  12. Hi! Would you, please, tell me which choke is supposed to give the best pattern in M4 shooting 00 buckshot. Thanks
  13. "Comfortech" stock does have ability to change comb on the raised one (is sold separately)
  14. New CORDOBA already comes with SS corrosion resistant recoil spring assembly. Rgrds
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