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  1. Yes, you need to remove the "plug" or as it sometimes called, the limiter. The instructions should be in the manual, it's simple. Remember you need the plug in when waterfowl hunting-3 is the limit.
  2. Go to the Birchwood-Casey web page. They make a shell catcher that works on any model with 2 sided tape. The T&S won't work on a Benelli unless you modify the bolt handle so that it clears properly.
  3. Geno

    Sport II

    Scooter, I've got you by 15 years-and I like wood on a shotgun too.
  4. Geno

    Sport II

    Scooter, you sound like a young guy, what size barrel are you buying? Just to make clear what I said before as to the Beretta being a softer shooting gun, when you shoot these tournaments you can shoot up to 200 or more targets in 1 day and with that volume, recoil does come in to play and since most of the shoots are won by 1 or 2 target difference at the end, you cannot afford to loose any targets due to the recoil factor. That's why the Beretta 391 is far and away the most popular auto for registered NSCA shooters that use an auto. You see a few Benelli's but it's usually the Supersport wit
  5. Geno

    Sport II

    Scooter, good luck with the Benelli, I'm sure you will like it. To answer your question I am a member of the NSCA [National Sporting Clays Association] and shoot registered tournament targets in competition shoots. I am classified in Master class which is the highest classification and earned that by winning or placing near the top in score in the various classifications an individual is required to work through to attain Master class status. By the way, I don't hit them all. Have fun and let us know what you think of the Sport II after you shoot it a bit.
  6. Geno

    Sport II

    I have one I bought new in 2004 for SC as well but have switched to a Beretta 391 Sporting as the Beretta shoots softer than the Sport II which is a factor if you are a registered tournament shooter-which I am. The Sport II is however a great gun for a casual shooter and/or hunting. I do have my Sport II for sale and posted on bulletin boards at several gun clubs in my area. I am reluctant to sell it as I feel it is a tremendous shotgun but I just don't use it anymore and can't justify having it sit idle.
  7. You can get a Birchwood Casey shell catcher that can be fitted to a Benelli because it is held on by 2 sided tape. See their web-page for details. They work pretty good, better than a rubber band for sure.
  8. Good, when you take the end cap off, then slide the forearm off, turn the barrel towards the floor and it should just slide out of the end of the magazine tube. It's long and looks like a big nail or spike. If it doesn't, pry it with your finger nails or the knife/screwdriver I mentioned before to break the vacuum that probably is keeping it from sliding out. It's the easiest plug removal of any gun I know of.
  9. The plug in my Sport II just slides right in and out of the opening designed for it at the front of the magazine-no need to remove the magazine at all. It might be a little tight, try prying it softly with a screwdriver or knife blade. The magazine tube srews in/out from the receiver in case you ever need or want to take that apart and clean it and the spring out. My plug allows a total 3 shells while the plug is in and a total of 5 shells when the plug is out. Just take off the forearm and end-cap and the plug should slide right out-like I said, it may need to be loosened the first time by pr
  10. Geno

    Sport II 12 gauge

    What's the retail price for a brand new Sport II in your area? I paid $1250 plus tax for mine in June of 2004 and am thinking of selling it. Just wondering what a new one on the shelf in 2007 goes for. I haven't seen one on display recently in our local gun shops. Thanks much.
  11. Geno

    New waders

    You did good then-were you on the Bay? Our South Zone opener this past weekend was slow, 2 woodies and 1 shoveler in the 2 days. The strong south wind and us on the North shore wasn't a good combo. This was on Poygan/Winneconne. My brother and I. Maybe this week-end. Did your new waders work for you? I had good waders too but when a 2 footer in open water sneaks up on you, the end result is waders full of water-luckily it was mild out so cold wasn't a problem.
  12. Geno

    New waders

    TMAC, how did the opener go in the North-there has been no reports in the paper that I saw. Thanks much.
  13. Geno

    New waders

    How did the North Zone opener in Wisconsin go-I have not heard anything. Our South Zone opens at 9am this Saturday, seeing some ducks but not as many as I was hoping for.
  14. Geno

    New waders

    Good old Wisconsin weather. Down to 28 degrees last Friday night and pushing 90 degrees tomorrow. I think I'll wear a como hat and shirt with a swimming suit and aqua socks and just stand in the water.
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