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  1. Not to add anything new, but something's not right. You should have recieved 5 tubes all of equal length. I'm not sure what the heck your other tubes are, but if they don't all look pretty much the same, don't even try using them. Time to call the dealer and ask what gives.
  2. T&S makes one for a M1 Super 90. Will that also work on an M2?
  3. How often do you clean your Benelli? It's been about 200 rounds since I've done mine last, and I had a misfire today. Considering it was cheap Federal $2.98/box ammo, I'm suspicious of the ammo more that the gun, but I can't help but wonder if the gun could have gotten dirty too - resulting in a light primer strike.
  4. Never argue with an idiot. To an outside observer you appear indistinguishable.
  5. Birddog: The chevron's look to be a pretty tight and flush fit while, so it didn't look to me like dirt accumulation would be a big problem. Drundel: Agreed. I wanted a top notch field gun - that I could also have fun with at the clay's range. I think that's what I got.
  6. Montefelto Thanks for responding to this thread - it's rare that a manufacture is so proactive about keeping their customers happy. I'm impressed by your offer to send new correct springs to people - if that's indeed the problem. To add my 2 cents, I'm pretty new to shotguning and never had a safety on a shotgun like this before - so I just assumed it was supposed to be very stiff and have been ignoring it. I've been using my M2 as though the safety doesn't exist, because it's too stiff for quick field use. If there's a fix to this, then I too would like to be included, because
  7. Benelli M2 – July 1, 2004 - CBM (also posted over in the Benelli Forum) Let me preface by saying this is intended as a rather lengthy review for people who, like me, haven’t been satisfied with the limited reviews that are out there right now on the M2. But mostly it is get all of my own thoughts down. I’m by no means an expert on shotguns or shotgun sports – so apologies if I ramble on about things everyone else already knows. Decision Mode I wanted a gun to be my one-gun-for-everything gun and I wanted quality. I considered an over/under, those certainly are fine guns and
  8. Lazy Engineer


    X5, Please let us know what you think of your new M2. This weekend I have been planning on buying one. But then I shot an M1 with a 26" (24?) barrel today at the Trap range and found that I didn't care for the recoil. -Lazy
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