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  1. WTB wood stock & forearm for Benelli M1 If you have one to sell email [email protected] Thanks Michael
  2. W.

    Fair Price?

    Thank you for your advice
  3. W.

    Fair Price?

    I have two M1 Super 90's I need to sell. What is a fair asking price? Both are black synthetic with 26" barrels, all chokes, hard case, and both are 2004 models. What is the best place to list them in your oppinion? Thanks
  4. W.

    M2 Safety Switch

    Can an M-1 Super 90 have the safety swithed to accomodate a left handed shooter?
  5. W.


    Sorry Mr. Friendly [ 12-06-2006, 02:33 PM: Message edited by: W. ]
  6. W.

    Casting Shim

    Can you just remove the casting shim so the stock is in straight line with the barrel? Is there any effect on the function of the gun?
  7. W.

    Cast on/off change

    First I am not clear as to what "cast is". Never had a gun where there were options until now. Is it moving or "casting" the stock one way or the other? I'm a right handed shooter with a right handed gun. I guess my gun came with cast off? Any advantage for a right handed shooter to cast the stock more inward toward the chest? On page 52 of the SBEII manual figure 52 it shows that #6 is the cast shim. I just got done changing the drop shim #7 (mine was B from the factory) to C. I didn't even know there were two pieces there at first glance, the cast shim was snaped tight against the dr
  8. Don't know if you want to keep the old fabric sling or not, if not this is the best sling I have ever had. It has swivels similar to what Tucker301 suggested. http://www.quakeinc.com/add.cfm?itemID=49&CFID=1920983&CFTOKEN=78006012
  9. W.

    self defense

    Why is a 13 year old worrying about self defense for anyway? This sounds kind of wierd. Go talk with your parents.
  10. W.

    Barrel length

    Just my interpretation of the link: http://espn.go.com/outdoors/hunting/s/h_fea_02_long_and_short_F&HN.html 1. You must be a good shot in order to effectively shoot a 24" barrel? 2. If you have a 24" barrel you better get them in close? 3. Goose hunting requires longer shots? Not if you know what your doing. Here is the real deal. You will shoot best with what you have the most experience with, what you are most comfortable with, what you have the most confidence with. Everything like this is a mind game. If you worry about everyone elses opinion and start to
  11. W.

    Benelli Gear

    Several of you have mentioned that it takes forever to get stuff from Benelli. Is there any other place that you can buy appearal and stuff? Also in the Kent & Crio Barrel post it looked like the guy said he shoots steel loads out of his Improved Modified. Is that ok? I have a Browning I do that with but the crio chokes on the SBEII say no steel on the IM choke. Thanks W.
  12. W.

    SBE What should I do?

    The deal on the $700 dollar gun fell through. I was able to find a SBE I for $800 even(all black, low rib, 4 yrs old, with 24" barrel) I'm picking it up on Saturday. This will be my first BENELLI! Is this still a good deal? What's the advantages / disadvantages of low rib VS high rib? Thanks for your help guys W.
  13. New Guy Here: First Post I have the opportunity to by an '03 SBE in shadowgrass with the high rib for $700 that includes 2 aftermarket chokes. Is that a deal? I have had an SBE II in my dreams for 3 months, if I settle for the SBE and save $700 will I ever regret it? Is there that much difference? I can add a sure cycle to an SBE, recoil has never been an issue with me, air touch, and comfo tech I could take or leave, so all that is left is the Crio stuff what do you guys think? Help!!!!1
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