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  1. I shoot 3½" 1-7/8 oz #5 HeviShot through mine with no problems ... so far as I can tell. I do it but would hesitate in telling someone else to.
  2. Not a moderator here, but the local gun shop here said that the Benelli sales rep said that they WOULD fit. He just wasn't sure when they would be available for purchase by themselves.
  3. I use the Benelli choke tube wrench, too. Stick one of the ears into the center hole of the plug and pull. I have a dickens of a time getting the cap back in though. The plastic rod is generally called a "plug" as in waterfowling, most regs state that a gun must be "plugged."
  4. Jesse got it fixed. Thanks.
  5. Crap! I don't know why it's not showing the pictures. It showed one of them in another post.
  6. Conclusion Here's an old log cabin Bob found a while back near the area we hunted. Johnnie, Bruce (me), Bob Front of it and Bob. Detail of the floor joist and rock foundations. Nice place to stop and have a bite of lunch. Double waterfall. We all commented how neat that would look when it was about 20 degrees outside. There was a little bird that had a nest up under the rocks under the waterfall. We figured that was a pretty safe place to build one. And finally ... We found this down the hill from the old cabin. Still moist on the under
  7. Finally getting around to posting about my turkey trip this year (4/1-6/2004). I'll try and do this in sequence. Here's camp. In-laws' old trailer that now sits on my cousin's place in the Arkansas Ozarks. Notice the mountain bikes. We rode them while on the traveled routes (4-wheeler trails, roads, etc.). They worked out real well. Quiet and you can cover a lot of ground fairly quickly, too. This is the place that we'd stop to owl hoot in the mornings. Usually heard gobblers in all directions. (Right up until opening day. ) It is looking east into Gulf Mountain WMA.
  8. PowDuck

    Nova Sling

    The Claw from Quake Industries is the best by far. Get 'em from Cabelas. Here's a picture of mine. [ 04-20-2004, 09:00 PM: Message edited by: PowDuck ]
  9. Militiaman, I THINK the medium sized one has to slip on after the factory pad is removed. It takes the place of, instead of adding to the factory pad.
  10. I've been wanting a better pad for my NOVA ever since I got it. Problem is, no company offers a direct replacement ... and, according to their tech reps, they don't plan to. That really bites. Especially with the popularity of the NOVA. I was in a gun shop the other day and the owner said a Benelli rep had been there and that his news was, "The butt pads on the new BSE stocks would fit right into a NOVA." If this is true, the question remains, will we be able to purchase just the butt pad?
  11. My preference is the 24" I'd get a 20 if it was offered. Go with what feels good to YOU.
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