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  1. Travis


    Here in SC we like to breast a Wild Turkey out and cut it into strips. Batter and pan fry to a golden brown....Good eating. If you like it spicy, you can make the batter spicy by using some crushed red pepper.
  2. Thanks....It is amazing how the pressure builds when people are watching and the trophies are on the line. We have SC's state shoot the end of the month...not sure how I'll shoot, but it will be fun. I watched the outdoor games last night on TV and it must have been great to be there. Thanks for the comments and the info on the bead in the other post. Travis
  3. Birddog, you shoot clays and did you shoot in this one??? I bet this was a great shoot. I shoot some myself, but not near as good as Travis Mears, but least I have a name to match. I did win the Carolina Classic in SC for my second tournament. It got me punched from D to C. Just finished a modest 10th in the last tournament I shot. Are you in the pic above? -Travis G.
  4. The place I was referring to is called Widener's and they are located in Johnson City, Tennessee. Shipping is a pain with all the restrictions placed by the carriers and government. The URL is http://www.wideners.com
  5. Not bad...very similar to yours. There is a place in Tennessee that I have ordered from that have good prices if you order in bulk. Can't remember the name, but if I can find the catalog, I'll post the name for you.
  6. Remy, you are right about that...keep those priorities straight man. What type reloader are you using? Is it progressive and how expensive or I should say inexpensive can I find one for to start loading? I've never reloaded shotshells but reloaded pistol and rifle shells for a while.
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