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  1. i want the m2 or the supersport but dont no which one to go with [ 04-07-2004, 06:04 PM: Message edited by: FHHSskeet7 ]
  2. i would use it for dove rabbit and skeet competitions
  3. FHHSskeet7


    i have a stoeger model 2000 with a 28 inch barrel i was wandering if i would be able to tell a difference if i bought a new m2 with a 26 inch barrel or should i stick to the 28 inch since i have gottin used to the 28inch barrel
  4. i was at a local dealer today and he told me that the new m2 was almost the same but the new stock and the redesigned forarm and stock. he also said that they arn't making a 28 inch barrel in the advantage timber i wonder way? hope that helps
  5. FHHSskeet7


    thanks for the replys i went to a local dealer today and he had info on the prices
  6. FHHSskeet7

    skeet gun

    I need an opinion on wut would be a better upland bird and skeet gun, the SBE, M1 or the Sport 2 please answer back.
  7. FHHSskeet7


    Does anyone know what a good price for a new m2 would be? also the supersport?
  8. i was wondering if anybody knew of any release date for the M2 and the Super sport?
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