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  1. I have found sitting tight and watching works out as well, about 9 o'clock the hens are gonna head out feed dust or roost, and Mr. lonely will be real eager to find a new girl friend. Year before last a friend and I watched two large toms with a a harem of hens from about 7 to 8:50, I had enough and wanted to call it quits, but my friend said hold tight a little longer. Sure enough, about ten min. later we see the hens heading out, and the toms going the other way! So we haul butt, and circle back to the way they are heading and get set up. Five yelps, three thunderous gobbles, two charging To
  2. Same deal here in upstate NY last spring, cold wet and miserable, and the wind was blowing so much you couldn't hear any talking anyway. Half the season the birds stayed on roost all day. First year in a long time I did not get a spring tom. About a week after season ended the weather turned and there were birds every where! Oh well. Our season does not open untill the 4th of may, and I hope the weather stays like it is right now, it was 85 and sunny today. All I can say is don't give up, and besides, a bad day in the field is better than any day at work! Hunt safe. And by the way, if th
  3. I have been in search of a 2 shot tube extention for my nova tactical 12. I have seen price range from 38.99 to 75.00! Can anyone tell me where I can get one of these suckers at a reasonable price? It seems the places I have found the cheaper end are always sold out.
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