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  1. I've had a few FTFs, especially with cheap Rio ammo. I ordered the CC spring. Thanks all.
  2. How would I know if the OEM spring needs to be upgraded to a better spring?
  3. apnea

    Cause of Misfire?

    Thanks guys. Hopefully just a bad shell. M2, not the first malfunction - have had several failures to feed related to underpowered ammo. I had a shell detach from brass and get lodged in the barrel. I think that was related to user error - repeated chambering of the round. SD, ammo pictured is Fiocchi.
  4. Shooting my M1014 today and had a slug casing deform and fail to eject. It was lodged in the ejection port. I have about 2,000 rounds through the gun and have never seen this before. Any ideas?
  5. Prefer OEM. Have one to sell? PM please.
  6. CC Spring ordered. Appreciate the other tips as well! Will follow your advice.
  7. Quick question - not a hijack I hope - I have the factory +2 extension and the original 5 round spring. Seems to work fine. Moving to the 7 rnd magazine. Any reason to think the same spring will not continue to be okay? Thanks for any help!
  8. Anybody using one? I'm interested. Mainly concerned about it getting caught on stuff.
  9. I'm a right-handed shooter. I want to install a Noveske QD flush mount on an Urbino stock on my M1014. I have the AVA Tactical light mount with the QD on the left side. I'm planning to install the mount on the right side of the stock to keep the sling away from my cheek/face. I'm not sure of the best location on the stock. One of my concerns is that if it is too low, the gun will tend to rotate in the patrol carry position. Appreciate any advice. Thanks.
  10. Is the standard M1014 LE barrel rifled or smooth? Thanks [ 05-21-2005, 05:36 PM: Message edited by: apnea ]
  11. Looking at Streamlight M6X. Any advice or opinions on this or alternatives appreciated.
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