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  1. I just bought a SBEII. I bought a RH model and am a left handed shooter (I know, seems stupid but the dealer gave me a deal I could not refuse). Anyway, I want to change the safety on my gun so that I can push the safety without reaching under the trigger guard. I think the safeties on the Benelli's are swithable, anyone know for sure or know what the procedure is to do it. Thanks for the info.
  2. PJ3

    Benelli camo

    It is actually wearing through. There are light spots on both sides of the fore stock.
  3. PJ3

    Benelli camo

    I have an M1 in Advantage Camo which I purchased in December of 2003. I have used it for one and half duck seasons and shooting some sporting clays. I have noticed that the camo job on the fore stock is begining to wear off. Is this normal? I expected it to last longer. Anyone have any input. Paul
  4. PJ3

    Loose fore grip

    On my M1 Field, the fore grip is a little loose and rocks when I swing the gun. Any suggestions to tighten this up?
  5. I hunt with the Cabelas Ultimate Hunting Wader with 1200grams of Insulation in the boot. They are 5mm neoprene. They are comfortable and so far have been durable. They are pretty reasonably priced (I think I paid 169.99). They have a hand warmer pocket and a seperate pocket to hold your calls that also stops them from freezing over. PJ3
  6. PJ3

    Coating on barrel

    In January I bought an M1 Field (camo). I shot one week of ducks with it no problems. Last Sunday, I took it out for two rounds of sporting clays and it shot great. When I took the barrel off to clean it, I found a clear film peeling off the barrel where it fits into the chamber. My barrel is camo so the peeling is only where the metal barrel can be seen. I only shot just over 100rounds through the gun. It almost appears to be some sort of clear coat which is peeling off. I attempted to contact Benelli via email but I have not received a response. Any suggestions on what it could be?
  7. PJ3

    Question about M1

    I bought a right handed M1 Field and I am a left handed shooter. My problem is that the safety is disengaged when the safety button is on the left side of the trigger guard. When I pull the trigger the safety clicks back on. Is it possible to change the safety to the other side of the trigger guard.
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