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  1. hr

    ammo problems

    was this winchester bulk pack ammo from WalMart by any chance? in the wally world value pack some shells bulges/swell at the top ... and has a hard time loading itself into the chamber of my SuperSport
  2. find on the benelli web site for the contact of Stoeger Canada, they should be able to send you a catalog.
  3. are you using a really tight choke??? i'm a beginner and i've been shooting about 20 for 25 at trap /w the cylinder choke... i think i'm going to gradually tighten up the choke
  4. the easy hit mini sight also looks like the stock sight on my SuperSport...
  5. hi guys i just got my Benelli supersport yesterday, sweet gun. but i have 2 question for other supersport owners... 1. the following chokes came /w the gun, F, F, M, IC, and CL. Am i supposed to have 2 F chokes and no IM choke? 2. what is the stock made of? from all the literature i've read it's carbon fibre, but from looking at it it looks like a 'carbon fibre' like finish (ie. painted to look like carbon fibre) thx
  6. hr


    i've picked up the new 04 catalog from the local dealer a few weeks ago as well, he has a stack of them... and i am in Canada...
  7. hr

    SuperSort kit

    hi i'm ordering a SuperSport in 28", can anyone tell me what i should be expecting in the box??? -gun -manual -test fire targets (like my german pistols)??? -hard plastic case? -extra chokes?? thx
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