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  1. well, feel free to post anything "lucky" that's happended to you whilst you were hunting My story: Back in Nov. of '02, I was hunting with my uncle at his farm..having yet another slow day (he says its only when I'M around the birds wont move....not sure if i should feel proud, or bow my head in shame..) and out of nowhere, a flight of shovelers come into our spread, and landed about 45 yards off, my uncle, being the kind soul he is, had already managed to shoot the 2 other birds we'd seen in over 2 hours (pair of mallard drakes) so he let me take a shot- well, i thought to myslef
  2. Nah, 3 1/2 is useless to me- if i need that big if a shell, either A) the **** bird is sooo far out, i shouldn't even shoot in the first place, B) I'm the worst shot in Alabama- which isnt the case, and/or C) I'm in the mood for needless pain
  3. yeah, steel shot can just piss-off for geese...took some shots at a couple from a decent range... and they were just sitting there and lookin around like "huh, when did it start raining?!?!"..grr pissed me off... oh well, funny to look at them and their reaction to my "barrage"- yes they were on the ground, just FYI- it was a slow day, and well, it was better than nuttin, but still, one moment they were eating, the next, lookin around like "wtf is going on? the sun's out, but its raining....."
  4. Well, I'm kinda new (note i said kinda, and not entirely) to the sporting clays/ hunting world, and have been in the market for a 12 ga. semi- and I have had my eyes on the Montefeltro; I've held them, and they feel great, but haven't really gotten a chance to shoot one- but I have gotten to shoot my uncle's SBE at a few not-so-lucky ducks, and loved it, and well, how does the Montefeltro "handle" compared to the SBE- I liked the SBE, but the Montefeltro just feels better to me. Thanks, and Later.
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