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  1. Anyone? I dont mind shipping it to a reputable gunsmith.
  2. Northern WI about a hour from the UP and MN
  3. My local gunsmith could not get his carbide drill bits thru the SBE II. He said the only place he knew of wanted "$25 a hole". Did anyone here have it done? If so where, I dont mind shipping it if i have to. Thanks! Rich
  4. I sent my SBEII w/Rhino 660 choke installed to Nitro for patterning it is consistently getting 250 pellets in a 10 inch circle. Very pleased with the gun, rhino & nitro setup.
  5. Does anyone know what weaver base I need for my SBEII? I want to mount a EO Tech 510 on it for Turkey hunting.
  6. I just figured out that they do not even offer the SBEII as a turkey gun with the steady grip/ drilled & tapped(
  7. Is the steady grip part removable or would (can) I get a standard stock for when I am not hunting turkeys?
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