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  1. Frank, my gun has the shim's that fit between the stock and THE reciever, but I've never tried changing them. You might have a good point there depending on how your gun fits your length of pull and shoulder. I'm happy with the sights I use for turkey hunting even though my 74 year old turkey hunting buddy gives me a hard time about them. He tells me that a turkey gun needs only 3 things and that's-------- BOOM! BOOM! AND BOOM!
  2. I've just heard about the new Hornady tureky load. You guys keep me posted on your test if you will. Also include the shell size and the shot size. Of course I just bought 4 boxes of the Hevi-shot Hevi13 in the 3 1/2" # 6's at almost $5.50 each. So it might be another year or so before I will try them.
  3. I think it's in the choke tube and constriction of the tube. Jelly Head in the .655 or .660 works well in my SBE II with a 24" barrel. I like the short barrel for moverability in the woods and it works for other game and sporting clays for me. Bob in NC
  4. Frank, sorry your having trouble with your Vinci. I have a SBE II that I trukey hunt with and use the tru glow sights. It shoots a little high and to the right without the sights. You might give these a try since you'll be shooting buck shot mostly. I take the sights off when shooting sporting clays but think most of my misses is the shooter (me). Good luck! Bob in NC.
  5. I prefer the 24" due to the terrain I hunt in. I turkey hunt the piedmont section of N.C. and the Virginia Mountains west of the blue ridge. The 24" barrel works best for me due to it maneuverability in the woods and thickets. Plus, it's a tad bit lighter to carry. I'm sure both barrels shoot almost the same but have never compared them on paper side by side.
  6. Thanks for the Info...
  7. My SBE II is less than 1 year old and the Camo is coming off. Has anyone had the same problem and if so, what is the solution?
  8. As promised, Benelli sent a replacement choke tube wrench today in US mail and it works great on the new SBE II full choke. Even has thread cleaners. Thanks Benelli, First time Benelli owner
  9. Mr. Costomer Service Manager: If I have too, I can put up with the stiff safety. However, I can't or any turkey I hunt can't put up with the loud click when this safety is engaged! Please give us a needed fix ASAP!
  10. Has anyone installed fiber optic sights on their SBE II? If so, what kind and where do you mount the rear sight? Thanks in advance.
  11. I had the same problem with my SBE II...called customer service today and they will ship me a new choke tube wrench tomorrow morning (7-7-04). I don't know if it will have the thread cleaners?
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